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Query from: psd, ind, 09/28/07
Topic: MUSIC      Submitted on:
Subject: english meaning for a telugu song khadgam movie 'nuvu nuvu 'song

plz send me english meaning for "nuvu nuvu" song from khadgam telugu movie.i have given the lyrics :nuvvu nuvvu nuvvE nuvvu nuvvu nuvvu nuvvu nuvvu nuvvu nuvvE nuvvu nuvvu nuvvu nuvvu naalOnE nuvvu naatOnE nuvvu naa chuTTu nuvvu nEnantaa nuvvu naa pedavipainaa nuvvu naa meDa vompuna nuvvu naa gunDe meeda nuvvu voLLantaa nuvvu buggallO nuvvu moggallE nuvvu muddEsE nuvvuu niddaralO nuvvu poddullO nuvvu prati nimusham nuvvuu naa vayasunu vEdhinchE vecchadanam nuvvu naa manasuni laalinchE challadanam nuvvu paiTE baruvanipinchE pacchidanam nuvvu baiTa paDaalanipinchE picchidanam nuvvu naa prati yuddham nuvvu naa sainyam nuvvu naa pRiya SatRuvu nuvvu nuvvu mettani mulle gille toli chinuke nuvvu nacchE kashTam nuvvu nuvvu

naa sigguni dachukone kougilive nuvvu naa vanni dOchukunE korikave nuvvu munipanTitO nanu gicchE nEraanivi nuvvu naa naDumunu naDipinchE nEsthaanivi nuvvu teerani daham nuvvu naa moham nuvvu tappani sneham nuvvu nuvvu teeyani gaayam chEsE anyaayam nuvvu ayinaa ishTam nuvvu nuvvu maimaripistuu nuvvu muripistunTE nuvvu nE kOrukunE naa marO janma nuvvu kaipekkistuu nuvvu kavvistunTE nuvvu naakE teliyani naa kotta pEru nuvvu naa andam nuvvu aanandam nuvvu nEnanTE nuvvu naa pantam nuvvu naa sontam nuvvu naa antam nuvvu

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Response from: Malleeswari GVN,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.

I'm attaching the translation in a word file. The song is mainly about the sensitive feelings of a girl who loves her that man very deeply. The word "Nuvvu" which is the life of the song means "You" The whole song is composed of the feel the girl has for him. If you have any more queries with the translation, you can feel free to contact me.

Nuvve Nuvve.doc (30.208k)

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