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Query from: Shamal, Singapore, 04/12/06
Topic: HEALTH      Submitted on: Ask Agent
Subject: Drinking water stored in copper vessel

How safe and advisable is drinking water stored in copper vessel? As I came across an article reading that higher concentration of copper in drinking water is dangerous to health. I am confused. Please help.

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Response from: sri sri,   
Council Member on
hi Shamal,

It is a known fact that water stored in copper vessels has an immense beneficial effect on health. Since the internal piping of Avin solar systems are made of copper and the storage tank is also made of copper, water from the solar system is ideal for drinking purposes. In fact it is better than water stored in ordinary copper vessels because water in Avin solar systems gets heated to 60 deg. C., sufficient to kill most bacteria and living organisms and make it sterile and also increase the potency and effect of copper.

Water from Avin solar water heating system is

Bacteria-free Pasteurized Salt-free De-ionized Old/new/serious illness can be cured safely and easily in a simple way and we will call this way the water way. The Japanese Sickness Association has published an article on this in which it is shown that regular and methodic usage of water, especially water stored in copper containers overnight, helps in the following illnesses…

Headaches, Blood pressure, Anaemia, Arthritis, Paralysis, Obesity, Heart troubles

Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, TB

Meningitis, Liver troubles, Urinary troubles

Acidity, Gastritis, Patches, Constipation, Piles, Diabetes

Eye problems

Female Gynaec problems, Leucorrhoea, Cancer of the uterus

Nose, Ear and Throat problems

How to..... Early in the morning at around 4 AM without brushing your teeth, drink 4 large glasses i.e. approx 1.25 litres and for the next one hour do not eat or drink anything. You can brush your teeth after drinking water but not before. After breakfast and after lunch and dinner you can drink water after 2 hours. Please do not eat anything before sleeping. If a person who is very ill or whose health is delicate cannot drink 4 glasses at one stretch, then he/she can start with 1-2 glasses and slowly increase the quantity with the passage of time, bringing his/her intake to 4 glasses. As a matter of fact this quantity of water taken daily before dawn benefits not only the ill but also healthy people. Regular drinking of water helps cure the following illnesses:

Hypertension : within 1 month

Gastric Problems : within 10 days

Cancer : within 6 months

Diabetes : within 1 month

Constipation: within 10 days

T B : within 3 months

Those suffering from arthritis and joint pains should take 4 glasses of water thrice a day for a week and thereafter once a day regularly and he/she will recover miraculously.

Regular drinking of water will ensure that a healthy person continues to stay healthy and a person with an illness gets rid of it and regains health.

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Response from: Anand V,   
Council Member on
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) has determined that copper levels in drinking water should not exceed 1300 ug/l.

Copper exhibits harmful health effects, and because drinking water may be a significant route of exposure to copper, it is important to know how much copper is in your drinking water. You may find that there is a metallic taste in your drinking water before copper levels are high enough to cause adverse health effects. You may also notice blue or bluegreen stains around sinks and plumbing fixtures. The only way to be certain of the copper level in your drinking water supply is to have the water tested

So suggest do not use copper vessels to store water.

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Response from: Sarah Kavitha,   
Featured Member on
Normally, in olden times water is stored overnight or for one day in copper vessels so that stomach upsets and other stomach related problems can be cured. It is also believed to cure quite a number of other diseases and aid in general good health.

Bacteria in the water is said to be killed if water is stored in copper vessels for a period of time. Sometimes, we drink it just after storing, that way, it does not give any benefits.

It is good to alternate storing of water in copper vessels and other vessels on a weekly basis, if there is any doubt about potential danger of too much copper being bad for health.

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Response from: andrew J,   
Registered Member on
water stored in copper is very dangerous for health.if a person drinks this water for whole life it means that he/she is giving a continuous stimulas to body,poison level in body rises continuously and after 30 years or more it can cause cancer of any type,intestinal,liver, or other.. avoid it plz.. i have two examples of it,two of my aunties died of cancer through this act

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Response from: ambreen AZHAR,   
Registered Member on
hi, store water in a water cooler or water bottles,,dont use copper utensils

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