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Query from: Geetha Sundaram, India, 11/22/05
Topic: FASHION      Submitted on: Ask Agent
Subject: Wearing saree below navel (Low Hip Saree)

I am Geetha from Chennai. Though I am a housewife, I use to wear my saree well below my navel (low Hip saree). There is no problem in my family circle. Last week one of my class mate came to my house and talked me regarding this matter. She told me it is wrong to wear like this. Only working woman has to wear low hip saree she told. Is it true. I thought woman's beauty stands on wearing the saree low. Give your solutions

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Response from: silly one,   
Council Member on
Dear Geetha, wearing a sari low or high can look beautiful on women. Both can look nice and can look vulgar if worn the wrong way.

If you have the figure, then Iam sure low hip sari would look nice on you. There is no such thing as 'only working women cna wear low hip saris'.

Even if you wear your sari well above the navel, but if the blouse is too short, or revealing a woman can look vulgar.

If you know that you look nice in low hip saris, and no one has objected in your family, then please, dont pay attention to what your friend says.Tell her this is the age of equality and even housewives have the right to look beautiful and feel so too.

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Response from: crozzroads ,   
Council Member on
Hello there That’s a really strange formula that your friend has! You should have asked from where she got to know that there are specific styles you need to follow if you are a housewife

I personally agree with you, wearing saris below your navel, really brings out the beauty in the sari, as it enables you to wear the sari in such a way that border of the sari are well draped, but then you’ve to be a bit careful to look decent. You need to ensure that you cover your navel with the sari. This makes it a bit difficult, while moving around the house, especially when you are doing household chores. After all who gets time to keep adjusting the sari all the time!

So this is what I do - when I’m at home I wear something casual, like a salwar suit, t-shirts/pajamas and wear saris when I go out for a party or any formal occasion So go ahead and wear whatever you are most comfortable and don’t worry about these petty comments

Good Luck !

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Response from: Thimms ,   
Council Member on
Hii Geetha,

There isn't anything like only working are supposed to wear sarees below navel.In the earlier days,women use to tie sarees above the navel and used to stay "over respectfully" behind doors,when they see some men other than their husband,they used to cover the pallu over thier shoulders and stand... when old filmi heroines used to tie sarees below the navel,This fashion arised.But since many women can't try this at homes,working women in those days tried.

But to be frank,wearing a saree below the navel looks great.Although there are limitless possibilities for wrapping a sari.It depends on the saree and the style.There is nothing wrong in wearing a saree below navel.

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Response from: Nimi Arora,   
Council Member on
Dear Geetha,

I have never heard of there being a rule of how high or low one can tie saree and that too depending on whether you are working or a housewife.

The way I see it, my dear, what your friend said makes no sense.

What is most important is that you are comfortable with the way you wear your saree. And to top it, your family is also fine with it.

Enjoy looking good.

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Response from: Gaz ,   
Council Member on
I do not like wearing my saree low it has nothing to do with weather I think I look beautiful this way I simply feel more comfortable but that is my choice other people in my family wear theirs lower. Given that there are many different ways of tying a saree to start with as in bengali style, gujurati etc there is probably no right way or wrong way on how far below the navel you wear it or what kind of blouse you should wear. As long as you are happy wearing it who cares what other people think.

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Response from: - Bahu -,   
Council Member on
Dear Geetha,

If you and your husband feel comfortable with low on the hips saree, it is perfectly fine. Many women wear it that way and in fact it is the more traditional way. Just look at ancient paintings and sculpture. Do not feel bad about is. By the way, it seems your classmate is pretty rude! If you have the figure and your husband thinks it is fine, do not be shy.

Good luck!

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Response from: Latha Jayaprakash,   
Council Member on
Dear Geetha, There is no point in your friends' words. You need not get unduly upset.What is that ,only office goers should wear low-hip saree. What has that got to do with office goers.Some talk as if they know everything. Please do not take it to heart .you do what you like unless there is a problem from your dear and near.I don't personally think there is anything wrong with wearing low-hip saree.If it looks good on you continue wearing it.Some people wear it with their ample tummy showing as also their stretch marks and all.If it looks ugly then you'll be better advised not to.

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Response from: Hari Rama,   
Council Member on
hi Geetha, It is up to you to wear the saree below the naval. If you are comfortable in front of others and have confident wear the saree according to you.. Ask yourself. You are the best person to decide. Each one has his/her own opinon.

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Response from: TT TT,   
Registered Member on
A woman's beauty does not stand on whether she wears a sari high or low but on what kind of aperson she is and how she carries herself. Yoour friend seems to be displaying some sort of a prejudiced attitude here. Wear what looks good on you and what you feel comfortable in.

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Response from: Ti Ti,   
Council Member on
Hi, Wearing low hip saree is personal one.If you are comfortable wearing this fine.It is up to you. Woman can wear a saree in a beautiful manner.Saree is the best dress(elegant) for a woman.

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