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Query from: Advisor_1, World, 02/17/05
Topic: CURRENT AFFAIRS      Submitted on:
Dear Amma, please read the following link:…

In view of the newest life-saving technologies, imagery, and premature births, does this change your views at all in regards to abortion, partial birth abortion, or particularly second trimester abortion?

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Response from: - Bahu -,   
Council Member on
Dear Advisor,

First of all, thanks a lot for the link. The article and the piuctures brought tears to my eyes and made me feel sudeenly very, vary happy and very amazed at how strong life can be.

As to your questions. This does not change my views on abortion much. I was never pro-abortion, but never completely against it either. I believe that there are cases in life when one has to do it and I do not mean cases like simply not wanting it, I mean when a girl would get killed (literally) by her family for being pregnant so the child would not survive anyway. I also believe that if pre-birth scans show that the baby will be born with condition that can not be treated and which will make it suffer terribly its whole life parents should consider abortion. Once I rfead an article about a couple who knew their babies would be born joined at the head, suffer for a year or so and than die anyway. They did not abort. I think this is horrible. Why make little ones suffer?

On the other hand, I believe that people who are perfectly able to support babies and are in relationships and still decide to have abortions just because they do not want kids at that time, are selfish and make huge mistakes.

Therefore, I think (and this is only my personal opinion which I am not neccessarily saying is right for all), abortion is only fine in cases when birth will cause real pain and suffering. Otherwise, I think abortion is wrong, espacially second trimester and partial birth!

I hope everyone who reads this article realises that babies are not just 'fetuses' and that abortion is a step that has to be well grounded and properly considered.

Well, this is just what I think. Have a nice day.

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Response from: Yogi Gupta,   
Council Member on
Abortion has nothing to do with life saving procedure done on a premature baby. These are two separate issues. One is the life saved after birth, the other has to do with life yet to be born.

You may argue that the unborn child, during second trimester is "so real" that it should not be aborted. I would agree with hypotheis, provided it does not endanger the mother's life. If one has to weigh the health of child yet to be born, versus the health of mother who is about to give birth, it becomes a very hard choice.

Abortion should be legal and rare. If giving birth to a baby, has serious health risks, for the mother, I will take the side for abortion.

If the abortion is sought just as an, "after thought", I am against the abortion even during first trimester.

Abortion should never be just a matter of "choice". It is decision which should be made based on the health of the mother, incest and rape.

Answers such as the "unborn child" looks so real that it "must not" be aborted is simplistic.

Let us not foregt, how difficult the whole process of adoption is for both sides. First let us make adoption easy, inexpensive and accessible by all. Secondly, let us make it feasible, so that unwanted infants can be given away for adoption. Lastly and most important, let the government bear the cost of delivery, prenatal and post natal care for the babies not wanted by the mothers.

No mother knowingly takes a pleasure of "killing" babies, unless they are mentally sick. Let not politics force a woman to bear the burden of guilt with no understanding of the situation and without any easy solutions.

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Response from: Raj Manda,   
Council Member on
Prolife and prochoice are the black and white extremes of the stand on abortion. But there are many shades of grey between these two extremes. I personally feel it is wrong to take a very rigid stand one way or the other. Each case has to be considered on the basis of the situation peculiar to that case. There are situations when abortion is called for like when the fetus is diagnosed to be having very serious congenital disorders, or when the mother's life is in jeopardy. Abortion to get rid of a pregnancy resulting from irresponsible behavior is the most monstrous crime. However, I would still tend towards supporting, even in such cases, abortion if the parents are absolutely unfit for parenthood - if they are drug users, very immature both physically and mentally, not have either financial, emotional or physical anchors, what would be the fate of children born to such individuals? I hate to see children suffer and there are far too many of them in the streets, foster homes, orphanages etc. getting abused by anybody and every body and going through a living hell everyday. I firmly believe that it is much better that they are not brought into this nightmare existence for no fault of theirs. So it is not the question of whether the medical profession can do something or not, but it is whether the rest of the society can give the child a decent living that should decide about the right or wrong nature of abortion.

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Response from: Priya M,   
Registered Member on Ask Agent
LIfe-saving technologies are not directly related to abortions. But it definitely strengthens my aversion against unnecessary aborions. Advacement is life saving technologies imply how precious a life is. I feel that abortion in second trimester is definitely like taking a life. I'm not against abortions for genuine reasons like physical and medical condition of the mother. I'm **** against aborions that are results of careless ness or irresponsibility of the parents. But unfortunately, the striking truth is that major percentage of abortions are results of careless ness or irresponsibility of the parents. I have personal experience with my friends and relatives who went for abortion for silly reasons like they didn't want to have a baby so early, the couple wanted to enjoy their intimate life without any responsibilities, there was no one to take care of the baby since the mom is working etc. Believe me, these are very common reasons. The couple could have well predicted these in advance and avoided conception. Its just carelessness and irresponsibility and the attitute that an unborn baby is not a life. Couples who have fertility problems, couples who lost their child and couples who saved their child using life saving technologies know the value of a baby's life. This article definitely strengthens my aversion towards unnecessary abortions.

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Response from: Kimberly Aisha Hashmi,   
Registered Member on
Advisor_1, I did not change my point of veiw, as I only support abortion if the pregnancy is a result of incest. Even my Husband knows if I were ever raped and got pregnant, I would NOT abort. God does not make mistakes, EVER.. We are ALL supposed to be here for a reason.... See, the mother was so relieved and FOUGHT for her baby, but what if she had been unmarried, underage, etc. Would she have been relieved and not authorized the surgery? Makes you think. I hope that you are not upset by my veiwpoint, as you ASKED for our opinions, and I hope that all who consider abortion will re-think of the gift God has blessed them with, no matter what the situation they are in, as children have a way of making the worst people the best parents and best citizens in the communities! There are women who were "LADIES OF THE NIGHT" and they got pregnant and changed their whole life around! SO I rejoice in this little ones success surgery and congratulate the surgeon!

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Response from: Jyoti ,   
Registered Member on
I am very much against abortion to start with. These types of articles just show me that the argument that a fetus is somehow "not alive" or "not human" is false. We can see now, with greater science, that these human beings can live outside the womb, and may become great people, scientists, engineers, doctors or teachers.

Some of the most worthwhile people in our society came from some of the hardest circumstances. I read a story some time ago about a firewoman who was nearly aborted as a baby. She ended up surviving the proceedure, and grew up to save many lives. So you never can know what could have become of the life one might have chosen to snuff out, or how many other lives might have been affected.

I probably feel stronger than the average person on this because certain villains tried their best to force me to abort my precious angel, and although the circumstances of her beginnings were very difficult, I find that I could not live a single day without her!

So I would say that the article merely furthers my adamant feelings on the issue. I would not want to judge someone else if they have HAD an abortion, but if they are considering it, I would always urge them not to.

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Response from: Binni Shah,   
Registered Member on
Dear Advisor,

Well dear that surely seems to be Miraculous Serendipity in terms of Medicine.Well it surely changes views of so many of us with regards to abortion ,Partial Birth abortion and Second trimester abortion.

But again at the end of the day Human being is creature ruled by emotional whims and impulses while higher prototypes are been ruled by head and Soul and hardly has any place for Impulsive /Sentimental/Hyper-Sensitivity.Today if I keep myselves in shoes of that lady whose baby passed through Major operation than I would have had definitely wanted my baby/kid to be alive even if I have Millions of Bucks credited to me till end of life or even if I go bankrupt but all I would wish is my child's well being.

But again today if a gal who on the very first place makes wrong choice in mate/bf selection & crosses her physical border/s by trusting a person by flowing into impulses,chance taking feelings,living for moment/s or short term enjoyment or may it be by force by her partner or by emotional black mailing but anyday dear Reality is everytime its gal who has to pay w.r.t pain,disfamy,social discarding/embrassement & most of the times when by mistake if such gal conceives than society doesn't let live gal in ease while her parents esp.when living in Traditional,Reserved culture country ,have to die every day hundred deaths of shame due to taunts and sarcastic irony of so called relatives.

Man howsoever renegades still I think he/she is sociable creature and answerable to society and its norms.What does gal has option when her own mate escapes her conceiving being apprehensive whether the baby is his or somebody else ?

2)If gal is married and she conceives via her hubby but if hubby isn't prepared for economical expense expansion than whole life gal has to stay with her hubby than what choice she has ?

3)At times if gal is much career oriented,Mentally/emotionally not ready to harbour pregnancy or may be beauty conscious ,she at times thinks for her own self interest/s,which again has its pros n cons than at that time I think some adjustments are forsurely needed cause its always safe for gals to conceive within age of 35.Later to that there can be cases of Abnormality in pre-natal stage and later cases.

4)All I can say is I think its pretty neutral stuff.We can't take place against or along with abortion cause what if tomorrow we or our spouse has to pass through the same procedure.I dont say solution aren't there.But when a person thinks he/she has no choice than they opt for abortion or else nobody is willing to abort there own body part.We have to step into the emotional,social,monetary,physical and mental condition of couple/s and surrounding ambience to reach to any sort of inference.

Were as I certainly believe any gal should firstly be Independent and than seek for Interdependency ,when major part of her academics is over than and only than she should seek for marriage or kids .Its all matter of time management,Career planning.It's canbe otherwise also possible,that career,academics can be taken care off but at times many intimates have to pay cost for it and at times it bitters relationships but not always true,at times passion and mutual understanding brings smooth sailing too.

Like the case you discussed I have seen many mothers who dont even care for there life for there kids upbringing who gives kids there own name and take care of there future on there shoulders.

So dear inference I would say is one should always have family planning bfr.reaching to concrete life decision and if things like that happen than it should be mutual and family amalgamative decision .Still again many relative options can be possible.Hope you can understand !!!

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Response from: Eradu ,   
Featured Member on
Hi there, I am sort of strong on my views here. I saw that article, and it just pointed out to me the myth that a fetus is just a clump of flesh. Now that the world can see that it is a baby, then I don't see how people can live with themselves if they have "abortion on demand". That means for convenience.

I cann't judge anyone for having abortion because of rape, but it is something I have experience in, and I know that I would not abort, even if raped. Also, if my life were at stake also I would choose to die rather than to kill my child. I am very extreme, but that is the way I feel about it. However I cannot put that on anyone else and except for convenience abortions, I cannot judge athers.

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Response from: U UK,   
Registered Member on
My views about abortion haven't changed even after reading the article. The baby survived alright but this is not the end,he will surely have to be careful his whole life and the parents are going to be tremendously under pressure always.

I am saying this as a third person,with littl or no emotions.The parents and the baby in question would beg to differ.

My brother had an open heart surgery when he was only 1 1/2 yr old by the famous doctor Dr.Cherian. He is doing fine now even after 25 years.

So it is a personal choice whether it is Ok to abort or not. If you are ready and strong enough to take up the challenge with all means go ahead but if not then defenitely go ahead with an abortion before it is too late.

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Response from: ramesh indupalli,   
Registered Member on
Abortion must be the partners decision in my opinion. iam not carrying everyones fetuses in my woumb. spirituality,human consciense,circumstances,partners emotional health are primary factors to decide abortion or not. agitations,criminal acts,politics will not able to solve the abortion issues.Under Gods creation everyone same and equal. (it says:do not judge if you judge others you will also be judged)most anti-abortionists are spiritual or life caring people.we are not carrying the woumbs,why not parents(partners) decide.un-fortunately we ignore so many cruel things and make big issues for others to be,go with the flow!

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