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Query from: Anonymous, India, 08/26/08
Topic: MOBILE PHONES      Submitted on:
Subject: iPhone in India

Do you think the iPhone's reception in the Indian market will be better or worse than in America or other countries -- and why? How do you think the iPhone will impact India's cell phone market overall?

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Response from: Kiran Bala,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
I and six journalists given access by Apple to the iPhone before its launch in India. After “playing around” with “The Object of Desire of 2008”, Doss delivers his verdict.

The wait is over and tomorrow, this time, if you are one of the hundreds who have booked the iPhone 3G months ahead, you will be either gloating or showing off.

Priced at Rs 36,100 for the 16GB model and and Rs 31,000 for the 8 GB by Airtel and Vodafone, the iPhone does not fall short of being The Object of Desire of 2008. Open the box, turn it on and you will behold the stunning sight of a sharp black screen with the most carefully detailed and designed grid of motifs, your touch pad.

Slimmer than half an inch, this 4.5-inch by 2.4-inch beauty literally puts a computer with an always-on Internet connection in your pocket. Curved at the base with a plastic back it is a snug fit in your palm unlike the aluminium backed, flat first version.

Though pricey, the iPhone 3G is much faster than its predecessor and other smart phones at fetching data over the Internet through EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution). EDGE has speeds up to 384 kbps. 3G, when launched in India, will get you data to your phone at a lightening speed of 2Mbps on the move.

After playing around with the iPhone 3G for the last three days, I found the touch screen very sensitive, though typing by touch needed a little getting used to. One of the motifs turned out to be for the App Store, a goldmine of applications from third party developers. Here I found Touch Train that is helping me get used to touch typing. There is always the option of a stylus for those with stubby fingers for an extra $14.

Another application from the store makes typing long copies a lark. With Writing Pad, I wrote three paragraphs in about just under 5 minutes, something that took me 10 minutes on my BlackBerry, which I am already pretty used to.

The iPhone 3G also makes calls! A gentle tap on the green phone icon will bring out your list of contacts and you can just slide up and down the screen to find the person you want to call. Most frequently called numbers appear as favourites, just like you bookmark a web site. Sound quality is exceptionally good and tele-conferencing is the easiest thing to do with its contextual icons.

The best thing about this model is the GPS. Never get lost at Salt Lake again. Your position is pinpointed accurately on Google Maps and as you move, a blue dot representing you, moves on the phone too. You get a clear street view. While other phones use the tower to find your location, this one uses a range of satellites to track you. Unfortunately, driving directions is still lacking and so are traffic conditions. These will come once India is mapped properly by Google.

I found the texting good because you get a thread of messages form the same user, much like you are used to mail in Gmail. Unfortunately, a simple feature like forwarding a message is missing.

For mails, you can use Gmail, Yahoo, Apple’s MobileMe and even VSNL and Dataone. Microsoft Exchange has been included so that companies can use the phone. It lacks Lotus Notes, but you can soon get it as a software update.

Most phones bring out new models to upgrade their features. The beauty of the iPhone 3G is that you will receive software updates as more functions are added over time. There will be no need to change your phone every six months.

My major gripe is that you can’t copy and paste! How could Apple have missed that with a phone that has redefined cell phone technology.

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Response from: mrs.ram s,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
The first part may well be true but the latter is debatable. Is India ready for an iPhone yet?

The Apple gizmo, which packs a phone, audio and video player, a 2 mega pixel camera, faster Internet capabilities, and intelligent touch screen operation onto a single device left thousands of geeks queuing for the phone hours before stores announced launch of the iPhone. Will we see similar scenes in India? Let’s compare the scenario in India with the one abroad:

1. The cost factor - Many are assuming that the iPhone should cost slightly higher than Rs. 8000 (INR equivalent of USD 199) in India. However, what most people don’t know (or forget) is that this is a subsidized price, which comes as a part of a contract with carriers like AT&T in the USA. This model cannot work out in India - operators cannot subsidize the cost of the iPhone in India as unlike the US, they cannot make up for the loss by charging higher call rates.

2. iPhone vs. other brands (something that doesn’t exist in USA) - The process of buying a phone in the US is noticeably different from India. Majority of the customers buy post-paid plans and choose to buy whatever handset the carrier is offering in the bundled package. Although buying a handset separately and using it with a carrier of your choice is possible, the process is expensive and cumbersome. Hence, most people choose not to explore this option.

3. Indian market - In India, most users buy prepaid SIM cards and welcome the ability to dump their handsets or carriers for new ones on a very regular basis. Indians look for maximum bang for the buck while choosing prepaid carriers, frequently opt-in for discounted SMS and call rate schemes and are feature conscious while deciding which cell phones to buy. Most luxury products fail to make an impact in India like they do in other countries - not that Indians have less money, just that their priorities are different.

Potential for selling handsets in India is huge but most of the handsets are not high end models. People are not as tech savvy too. Basic telephone calling and some degree of text messaging works for most people. GPRS is expensive, hence rare. Bluetooth file exchanges are popular among youngsters and the iPhone does not have that feature.

Comparing the iPhone with other cell phones

Assuming that the iPhone comes out without a contract and is priced between Rs. 15,000 and 20,000, competitors in India would mainly include high end Windows Mobile based smartphones, including O2/HTC/iMate, high end phones in the Nokia E and N series, Blackberry devices and some of the high end models from various other manufacturers.

Comparing the iPhone and Nokia N95 handsets, here are some of the key advantages of each of these cell phones:

Advantages of Nokia N95 as compared to Apple iPhone:

1. GPS: The Nokia has a fully functional GPS with which you can really navigate and marks a step forward for convergence.

2. Messaging: The N95 supports IMAP4, POP3, and SMTP e-mail accounts and comes with a full attachment viewer. The N95 does support a number of push e-mail solutions, as well as Microsoft Exchange Server synchronization. Here the main advantage is the support for Microsoft Exchange server which is missing in the iPhone.

3. Ability to view MS Office documents, using a (bundled) application called QuickOffice, which lets you view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

4. Digital Camera: The phone sports a 5 mega-pixel digital camera uses Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens with LED flash and also supports video recording.

5. Radio: The N95 also has an FM radio, though you’ll have to use the included headset to access the radio, since it acts as the tuner.

Advantages of Apple iPhone as compared to Nokia N95:

1. iPod: iPhone is a not just a phone it is widescreen iPod with touch controls that lets you enjoy all your content — including music, audio books, videos, TV shows, and movies — on a beautiful 3.5-inch widescreen display (Nokia N95 only has a 2.6 inch screen). The N95 does have a good media player, however with all the iPod features and 4 GB / 8 GB space, it makes the iPhone the best music phone.

2. Advanced Safari browser: iPhone lets you see any web page the way it was designed to be seen, then easily zoom in by simply tapping on the multi-touch display with your finger.

3. OS X: All the power and sophistication of an advanced operating system that gives you access to true desktop-class applications and software, including rich HTML email, applications such as widgets, Safari, calendar, text messaging, Notes, and Address Book etc. iPhone is fully multi-tasking, so you can read a web page while downloading your email in the background.

4. User Interface: iPhone features the most revolutionary user interface since the mouse. It’s an entirely new interface based on a large multi-touch display and innovative new software that lets you control everything using only your fingers.

It would be interesting to watch how companies like Nokia will be tackling this hype. They can sit quietly and watch if the iPhone will really the make the kind of impact they fear or it will become yet another high-end model which consumers give equal thought before buying a high end device. If it’s the latter, Nokia should not feel any threat - Nokia controls 40% of the market share worldwide and even if Apple achieves its goal of selling 10 million iPhones, they will still capture only 1% of the market.

It’ll be interesting to know how many of you actually go ahead and buy the iPhone when it’s launched. Please comment on this post and tell us whether or not you will be buying the iPhone and what makes you decide for/against it.

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Response from: Gowri Raman,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Hi 1. The euphoria in the USA markets for the iphone was phenomenal and unmatched. People stood for hours in the queue right from the midnight to buy the product at $500 initially. But later Apple realised its minus points in the product and brought down the cost to around $250 and even reimbursed to those who bought earlier.

2. But the Indian market was not that euphoric over the release due to the prohibitive cost of Rs31,000 for some non-existing facilities. Yes, I prefer to call it that way. Of course younger generation in India and that too the higher middle class and the affluent children waited just because of their passion to possess the much hyped gadget.

3. But I find the reports turned lukewarm as people shied away due to the cost. Many outlets throughout India saw too few bookings mainly because of the cost as people had not bothered to find out the in and outs of the facilities offered yet.

4. The gadget ties you up to one service provider that is not agreeable to all.

5. Cell phone market has seen price reduction over the years. Even a camera/music/MMS/blue tooth phone sells for around Rs10,000 in the market. But iphone on the 3G platform will face a lot of problems initially from the buyers as 3G infrastructure in not in place in India for the phone to provide all the facilities anounced.

6. Lack of blue tooth facility and other mail related deficiencies is likely to render it a last choice.

7. Due to all the above we expect Apple will reduce the cost considerably as it has done in the USA, shortly. Even then it cannot be the favourite of many as Indians are cost conscious when it comes to shopping and always look to maximum benefits for the lowest cost unlike European and US markets. People here tend to choose phones selling at the lowest cost as most of them use it for talking and hardly use the other facilities.

8. Hence in view of the foregoing, I feel the market will be dismal in the current year unless Apple comes forward to provide all the announced facilities and bring down the cost to suit Indian capability and not quote fancy prices, as Indians are too smart to be smitten merely by the looks and the publicity!

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Response from: B E,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
As per the matrix, Apple iPhone is the thinnest smartphone (half the thickness of N95 or Treo 750) with the largest screen size and Wi-Fi capabilities. In related news, a new report has suggest that 19 million Americans have strong interest in buying the iPhone, 67% of who are subscribers on other carrier networks. In India Vodafone and Airtel bought the mighty iPhone to Indian customer, but failed to create the initial impact, or rather say the wave of madness, as seen in U.S. This wonder may have tough time in India. Global mobile phone majors Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and others are offering a slew of products including touchscreen and music capable handsets in India to counter the might of Apple's iPhone. Handset vendors in the world's fastest growing mobile phone market have worked out the strategies, to be ready for the onslaught of the iPhone. US-based Motorola, which already has an array of smart phones in the country, recently launched ROKR E8 in India. A music phone, it has features such as FastScroll navigation wheel (a navigation wheel like that in iPods) and haptics technology that transforms the device from a phone to a music player in one touch. This is in addition to other touchscreen phones including the MOTOMING A1200 and MOTOROKR E6. "Customers are interacting more on their mobile phones - making and receiving calls, messaging, listening to music, taking photographs and sharing content with colleagues among others. As a result, the mobile phone has evolved to a lifestyle device intrinsic to everyday communication," Motorola Mobile Devices Senior Director, Sales & Distribution (India & Southwest Asia), Lloyd Mathias said. Sony Ericsson is launching several new models in the high-end segment. Some of these include the X1i (a touchscreen phone with Qwerty keyboard and GPS facilities) under its Xperia series, the W980i (Walkman range) and C905i under the Cyber-shot range (with an 8-mega pixel camera). Nokia, the leader with over 40 per cent of the global market share, is gearing up to offer touchscreen products soon. The Finnish company, which sold 60.5 million devices globally in 2007, has already rolled out 13.3 million converged devices in the second quarter of 2008. According to a Nokia spokesperson, "The iPhone is an interesting device and it is great to see other companies share our vision of connected multimedia devices. We strongly believe that traditional single-purpose, non-connected devices such as MP3 players and cameras will be marginalised and overtaken by converged multimedia devices in the future." Samsung is expecting its SCH-M800 Instinct, a high-end touch screen mobile phone, and Samsung F700 (another smart phone) to take on the new iPhone.

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Response from: Anu Babu,   
Featured Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
The iPhone is an Internet-enabled multimedia smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It has a multi-touch screen with virtual keyboard and buttons, but a minimal amount of hardware input. The iPhone's functions include those of a camera phone and portable media player (equivalent to the iPod) in addition to text messaging and visual voicemail.It also offers Internet services including e-mail, web browsing, and local Wi-Fi connectivity.The first generation phone hardware was quad-band GSM with EDGE; the second generation also adds UMTS with HSDPA.

Apple announced the iPhone on 9 January 2007.The announcement was preceded by rumors and speculation that circulated for several months.The iPhone was initially introduced in the United States on 29 June 2007 and is in the process of being introduced worldwide.It was named Time magazine's Invention of the Year in 2007.On 11 July 2008, the iPhone 3G was released and supported faster 3G data speeds and Assisted GPS.

Bharti Airtel released a press release that they “had signed a deal with Apple to bring the iPhone to India, later this year”. That surely heats up the race to sell Apple iPhones in India, since Airtel is India’s leading integrated telecom services provider with over 60 million customers! Last year Apple iPhone premiered at Apple Retail Stores in US and instantly topped the most wanted gadgets lists worldwide. Now Indians can become proud owners of Apple iPhone thanks to Airtel and Vodafone. You can buy an unlocked iPhone in India from the gray market for Rs.25000 ($600 approx), but soon you can buy iphones legally and flaunt it to your friends. Apple crashed the iphone prices by $200 last year and recently Apple doubled the memory, so a 8GB iphone is now available for $399 at Apple stores. Lets await the pricing in India with the call service pack… Bharti Airtel has announced that it will launch the iPhone 3G in India on August 22. Customers will be able to purchase iPhone 3G at Airtel Relationship Centers. However, the pricing details have not yet been officially announced (see US pricing plans). Airtel customers can book an iPhone now. Vodafone has started pre-registration much earlier than Airtel, but there is no official announcement for iPhone sales on their site. Pre-register iPhone here on Vodafone. The Apple India store has geared up for Apple iPhone sales and has started pointing potential customers to Airtel and Vodafone websites. The pricing and service will be a major factor for the success of Apple iPhone 3G in India. 3G not available in India with Airtel and Vodafone The much touted 3G network and faster internet speeds will only be a pipe dream for Indian subscribers, as both Airtel and Vodafone still do not have a 3G network. In fact internet access and speeds will be questionable in India for a while.

Locked in to a particular carrier in India The iPhone 3G will be locked into a particular carrier when introduced in India. So you cannot use any SIM card with this GSM phone. That means you are pretty much locked in with a particular carrier.

Reception Issues People in the US and other countries have already reported poor reception and signal strength with the iPhone 3G. Quite often people have to turn-off 3G in order to get a better reception.

Battery does not even last for 8 hours The iPhone 3G's battery life, or lack thereof, may be the hottest topic. One user reported "My phone gets hot, takes 4 to 6 hours to charge and runs down, when left in standby, in about 5 or 6 hours". Worse yet you cannot carry a back-up battery to replace it! The iPhone's battery is soldered into the phone, so you actually have to take it to a service center in case the battery needs to be replaced.

Safari Web Browser keeps crashing Oddly, some users also reported snags with Apple's own Safari web browser on the iPhone 3G. "Quite frequently when using Safari I am taken back to the home screen," noted one user. "Safari has suddenly started to freeze up following download of AIM app," reported another user.

GPS feature in iPhone 3G will not work in India Apple's GPS application will not work just yet in India as GPS applications have just started sprouting up. So Indian subscribers will have to wait much longer...possibly for the next generation iPhone.

Cannot use iPod Accessories Buyers of Apple's new iPhone 3G are also complaining that, unlike the original version, the device with many of the pricey charging stations, sound docks, and other accessories they had bought previously for their iPods.

No Voice Control After shelling out big bucks for the iPhone users will be disappointed to learn that the phone does not come with Voice Control. You will have to buy a software from iTunes to be able to have Voice Control. Need iTunes for everything Users will experience the fact that Apple controls everything and is worse than Microsoft when it comes to control over its domain. You can only sync music and video through iTunes. In fact every App you can install also has to be done with iTunes. In short you cannot install/download any music or video without iTunes. Apple has also removed several Apps from its iTunes store recently causing further confusion. Subscribers who have purchased such an App can no longer get updates.

Tips Wait for about 6 months to 1 year until you've heard from satisfied users of the iPhone 3G in India. The cellular carriers also need time to figure out fixes to common complaints.

Caution If you do have to buy an iPhone soon make sure that you verify that the phone comes with a warranty. In case of problems insist on a replacement unit rather than repairs/fixes to your current one.

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Response from: NEERAJA NAVEEN,   
Registered Member on Ask Agent
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
The iphone is a quad band device it can work normally in india after u get it unlocked but specific features might not be available like EDGE and some setting might be predefined.iPhone is not very difficult to duplicate.I hope that very similar looking and performing phones will be shortly available in Asian markets.

Touchscreens with similar capabilities as iPhone are already available in the market and I even own a phone that works quite similar to iPhone. Linux,Windows mobile and Symbian already have browsers that can compete with that of iPhone.

It will take just few months for taiwan/china design houses to launch a reference design like iphone for mass manufacturing.

I think many manufacturers will start supplying a similar phone to Indian market.we can buy the iPhone 3G headset in india either from Apple phone from Vodafone or Airtel (official Apple partners)or we can order it on eBay or buy it unlocked from mobile shops in Delhi,Kolkata,Bangalore,Hyderbad,Mumbai,Chennai, etc.

Alternatively,some online underground sites are also selling unlocked iPhone in India but these unofficial iPhone suppliers in India do not share their contact address so we should be careful in case when we run into shipping problems.

If we buy an old unlocked iPhone(not iPhone 3G), it will work with GSM networks here in india,but you cannot use the Visual Voicemail feature of iPhone.Also,iPhone is GSM based so it may not work with Tata Indicom or Reliance CDMA network. any old iPhone bought in US(or UK or Canada) works in India-we can just buy a local SIM card in India and replace the AT&T SIM.we should Make sure and read about the Apple policies as this may break the warranty.

Price of iPhone in India–The unofficial unlocked 4GB iphone is around 20k while the 8GB unlocked iPhone costs around 30k(includes shipping and taxes).iPhone 3G,through official channels,is available in 8GB and 16GB model priced at Rs 31,000 and Rs 36,100 respectively. iPhone 3G data plans-The monthly rent for iPhone will range from Rs 500 to Rs 1000 depending on your Internet requirements.There’s no option for an “unlimited data” plan in india.

But apple have unlocked iphone and we have to pre-register iPhone with either Airtel or Vodafone.Both Airtel and Vodafone launched iPhone 3g on August 22,2008.

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Response from: Niv raja,   
Registered Member on Ask Agent
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.

This is a very good point of debate right now on Indian market.

First of all, the reception of i-phone in India when compared to US is very low. When the Apple iPhone 3G was launched the crowd was not as large as the one that the US launched witnessed, the price obviously being the main deterrent. There were people who'd turned up to buy the iPhone, having pre-booked it earlier, but it does seem that the iPhone 3G is being relegated to just being a status symbol rather than being considered a fully-functional mobile phone. The reason for the iphone to be popular in US than in India is very simple. Below are a few

1. The minimum cost of a iphone in US is $200 which comes along with a connection like AT&T and its a subsidized rate provided by AT&T. They provide these low rates on phones because The call rates are costlier . The incoming calls are also charged. The same thing doesnt work out in India. In India you buy handset separately and then go for a connection. The costs on phone is not made low, instead the call rates are not as high as in US.

2. In US the handset is not given much importance. People go for any handset with a very good connection like AT&T, Verizon etc. They go for very good deals available in the market. Nowadays cell phone is given for free in US if they buy the connection like AT&T, T-Mobile.If they opt for buying a separate handset and connection, they end up paying a lot. These are generally post paid connections.

Unlikely In India most people opt for prepaid connections because prepaid connections offer a lot good schemes every now and then and people are really benifited when they choose a prepaid connection. The post paid plans generally work out to be costly and fixed rate schemes are more in post paid connections. Basic telephone calling and some degree of text messaging works for most people. GPRS is expensive, hence rare. Bluetooth file exchanges are popular among youngsters and the iPhone does not have that feature.

Therefore i conclude by saying The iphone will have an impact on Indian market of cell phones but to a very lesser degree thats because of one simple reason that most Indians think more economically when compared to the rest of the world.

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Response from: Geetha Gopakumar,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Now India is considered to be the world's fastest growing mobile market in India. The 3G or third generation phone will sell for more than triple its US price tag in India, which has emerged as a key battleground for makers of high-end mobile handsets thanks to the nation's increasingly affluent middle-class.

It is doubtless that iphone fever also will catch market in India mroe than expected despite the higher price and the fact that India has yet to launch 3G networks needed to support faster browsing and downloads. The pointer is towards the aspirational customers - a big group both in rich and the economic class, who are in want of the latest phone and utilities, not only in phone but also the new high congifured computers, latest motor vehicles etc.

It is expected that this iPhone will be going head-to-head in India with handsets from Nokia, estimated to hold more than 80 percent of India's so-called smartphone market Bharti Airtel and rival Vodafone Essar will sell the phone for 31,000 rupees (712 US dollars) for the eight-gigabyte memory model, and 36,100 for the 16 GB version.

The mobile services industry in India has thrived over the past few years as call tariffs continue to fall, even after seemingly touching rock bottom. As compared to around 16 rupees a minute or more in the late 1990s, local outgoing calls now cost 0.60 rupees, or less than 1.5 U.S. cents, a minute. Local service providers are currently adding an average eight million customers each month, making India one of the fastest-growing mobile-service markets in the world.

However; to have boost up in the market, the iPhone must need to be cheaper that the other smart phones to have the kind of run its had in other countries. The exact market condition today is that Indian consumer is gonna fall in love with Quality and superiority of I Phone. There are already high priced Nokia and other phones in the market. So it's not gonna be 1st time Indian consumer will pay more for a superior product.

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Response from: Anonymous ,   
Featured Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
I don't think that this 3G iPhone is worth 31K!!!!

Some of the negative points about this device which I have read in some reviews :

* The first thing is that with 3G still not available in India, it will be tough time browsing the net through iPhone * Though you will be paying huge amount for this device but you would not be having any contract for the phone. That means if you buy the phone with Vodafone connection it will be locked for the use with Vodafone network only. * Also you cannot download any ringtones, photos & other value added services from the service provider. * Being a music phone iPhone doesn't supports A2DP which is used for connecting the wireless bluetooth headsets, which even a 6000 bucks phone supports. * You cannot use some of the basic functionalities like MMS, voice recording, SMS transfer and above all being a smartphone it doesn't allow you to copy-paste stuff from one mail to another. * Last but not the least the Google Maps doesn't even work in India as of now, so forget things like voice navigation and turn by turn guidance which is available with the Nokia navigation phones.

I was very eager waiting to but this phone but with such a huge cost I need to forget it Also Apple should market the iPhone in India with this tagline "Double the price. Half the speed"

I was finding it difficult to resist, but 31K is a ridiculous amount.

Besides, 1. Read at too many places over the net that iPhone users have been facing a lot of problem with 3G network in US with calls getting dropped all of a sudden. Scary! Better let the product settle down. 2. A single service provider forever!! This is the worst part. 3. You cannot just go and buy a new battery in case the old one is giving problem. Go and give it to Apple guys and wait for (who knows) a couple of days. How many cities/towns will be having these service centers by the way? If you are buying an iPhone, you better have an extra phone with you. 4. And if one was looking to buy an Iphone with the hope of it doubling up as as trendy a camera as well, then look elsewhere. A 3 MPx camera with no video recording and optical zoom. 5. The greatest USP of iPhone is its browsing experience, but as said in previous posts, 3G..

Music lovers will rather keep an iPod touch.

The only thing I will say is,...wait, atleast for 6 months or so. But if you have some extra moolah in your bank account to spend and just can't resist yourself, go ahead.

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Response from: Sherry C,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
In India, iphone is surely going to be a big success. Indians are always open to good technological and innovative ideas and in India, phones are not merely a necessity.

Teenagers in India use good and costly phones to flaunt in their friends circle. Every person who earns believes he needs a phone and in the same manner, internet is also becoming a necessity. All these requirements make iphone a much awaited thing

When we talk about phones in India, I think Indians are already aware of the newest technological developments and people here have a liking for advanced technology products. Some other factors responsible for making iphone a big hit in Indians are:

1. Availability of facilities which are required by every busy professional.

2. Emergency help seeking facility.

3. Ease during travels, to keep in touch with ones workplace, friends and family

4. Status Symbol for the youngsters.

5. Necessity for parents who want their kids to have all means of help available all the time.

6. All basic features present in current phones are also there in these with additional hi-tech features.

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Response from: Shreya G,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Of course iphone is a wonderful display of technological innovations in today's world. In India, very few people can afford this kind of luxury though..In countries like America, a higher percentage of people can manage to afford this kind of technology and so it finds a better reception in the market. For our country people, unfortunately, every high-tech item is a luxury still, as majority who can even afford it, would prefer to buy necessary utility items instead of a luxury phone like this for the same rate...These are its impacts and features of its impact on cell phone market:

1. It can initially be a popular showoff for the rich class, which searches for costly things to buy. Thus, it can directly affect the high cost mobile market.

2. It would not seriously affect the market of average cost utility mobiles..most of us would set a higher limit for our phone budget and would compromise on features too for this budget. Frankly speaking, even I would not think it a wise idea to spend 31k on a mobile.

3. Low cost mobile market would not be affected at all..because the masses still go for the low cost cells.

4. Overall, its an added luxury to our cell market, just like a Merc is for car market..pple who possess this would also like to keep other types of cheaper mobiles as add-ons :P in short, people buying iphones are those who are fond of luxuries and would keep multiple mobiles...

5. One positive impact overall is, with these wonderful attractive features of iphone, all popular cell phone companies would try innovations and thus will soon come up with more wonderful models...this will create a tech competition and technology will soon find a speedier growth and thus lead to overall development : )

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Response from: a b,   
Registered Member on
Personally, I feel the IPhone3G is not worth the amount it is being sold here in INDIA. Its a great device and I wanted to buy one when it was released, but the price has been the main factor which made me change my decision of buying the phone.

You can ask someone abroad to get you an iPhone3G because it`ll be any day cheaper. Currently the response towards buying an iPhone 3G has not been that great with both the operators. Hopefully we can expect a price dip in about a month or so.

By the way, I saw an Ad in the newspaper where RelianceDigital claims they have iPhone 3G’s for sale. I am a bit curious. I don`t know whether that is true, but I`ll surely check it out an let you all know.

Right now, I am considering to buy a HTC Diamond, which has better specs than the iPhone 3G and retails for about Rs.27000 locked to Airtel (Rs.26000 unlocked grey version). But before buying, I`ll do some more research on the iPhone 3G’s prices and let you guys know as well.

The much hyped iconic Apple iPhone was launched in India in the western style fashion at mid-night but it failed to generate much interest because of high pricing. There is big following of Apple products in this biggest growing mobile market with 260 million customers but high pricing strategy will queer the pitch for Apple. Indian price at US$ 720 for a 8 MB phone is much more than the global price of US $199.

While large crowds gathered to witness the unveiling of the iconic Apple iPhone in India at the stroke of midnight on Thursday, sales across the country were more or less on expected lines. According to industry estimates, over 4,000 phones were sold on the first day today. However, there were many potential customers who said the price was too high for their pockets.

Industry sources said while Airtel sold over 200 phones in the first hour of the launch in the four metros, just one outlet in Gurgaon rustled up sales of 50 phones within an hour. “We have seen responses that have been above our expectations,” said a dealer based in Delhi.

“We have already sold about 14 handsets today and as the word spreads, we expect better sales in the coming days. We saw a high rate of enquiries and also customers making spot down-payment,” he added.

Another Delhi-based iPhone retailer sold about 11 phones during the day. “We have had customers making upfront payment to purchase the phone. So, they are not only through pre-bookings.”

Executives involved with the sale of the phone say that they expect brisk sales in the next one week. They expect to sell 1,00,000 iPhones in the next 12 months.

A similar mood prevailed in other regions of north India, with dealers hoping sales to pick up in the coming days.

Airtel franchisees at Sector 8 and 17 in Chandigarh informed that there was no significant increase in enquiries or bookings of iPhone.

Speaking to Business Standard, Colonel S K Anand of Zulu Trading Co, an Airtel franchisee, said, “There is a lukewarm response in the city. I feel, priced at Rs 31,000 for 8 GB, the iPhone is too costly for Indian consumers. Maybe, in coming days, the demand will pick up. But at present, it is not as per the expectation.”

According to reports, the southern states have responded more enthusiastically to the arrival of iPhone. An Airtel showroom in Chennai sold 40 iPhone handsets today. There are bookings for another 60 handsets, which the store manager believes will be delivered in the next couple of days.

Fabian Joseph, a project manager of an IT firm in Chennai, said, “The iPhone is priced over three times its US price of $199. If you list the features, you can get them at less than half the price. My old Nokia N95, for instance, has better features with video-recording, which the iPhone lacks. I have decided to buy it from somebody who is planning to come down from the USA.”

The 5 real reasons to avoid iPhone 3G:

* iPhone completely blocks free software. Developers must pay a tax to Apple, who becomes the sole authority over what can and can't be on everyone's phones. * iPhone endorses and supports Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) technology. * iPhone exposes your whereabouts and provides ways for others to track you without your knowledge. * iPhone won't play patent- and DRM-free formats like Ogg Vorbis and Theora. * iPhone is not the only option. There are better alternatives on the horizon that respect your freedom, don't spy on you, play free media formats, and let you use free software -- like the FreeRunner.

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Response from: boba shinde,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Mobile phone technology has grown in ingenious and dramatic way and is constantly trying to change out life- change for the better :)

With respect to iphones.I would defiently not deny that the response and curiosity within the public is extreamly high.However,I personally feel the product dosent optimise the ROI(Just a better way of saying : Its not worth its price.)

So what so special about Iphone ? and How many of us indian are actaully gonna use that gadget to 100% efficieny ?

There are a couple of know drawbacks :

1. Cant deny the fact the 1st verison on Iphone was crap! (In UK and USA market).No wonder they have slashed the rates for there latest version)

2. It it charged about 40% more than the face value ( in USA it is costing about $400)

3. Hardware chip has many know issues ( as said to me by one of my close friend ,who is working in Intel,USA)

Guess the impact of Iphone of will be mimimum given the fact that there is another phone recently lauched in the china market(which is very dear to India).

Its called M810 -Mobile wrist watch camera phone.

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Response from: Rahul Gupta,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Threads on Apple’s own discussions boards about poor 3G reception are getting so lengthy that portions of these discussions are frozen and continuation threads have been started by the board moderators. The current thread Topic : iPhone 3G Reception Problems? You’re Not Alone - Continued has been viewed approximately 11,000 times and contains over 230 posts. One thing is clear: replacing the iPhone 3G with a new one does not resolve the problem. Therefore it’s suggested that users have patience and wait for the next firmware release — the recently released 2.0.2 update does not resolve these issues.

We reported the possibility of a fix that involves the iPhone 3G firmware recently here. Hopefully that firmware update, which hopefully will be the most recently released for beta testing iPhone OS 2.1, will solve the 3G reception problems. According to sources this update has been released into Beta version four and all new features have been removed it appears in favor of concentrating on developing a more stable version of the existing code base.

Neither Apple nor AT&T is accepting responsibility for the problems with iPhone 3G reception. AT&T, however, claims that where 3G is available that their network is operating under normal conditions. Direct requests from iPhone Atlas to AT&T last week were not answered at press time. Apple of course is silent on the issue. has put together a map for tracking iPhone 3G service throughout the world. They are looking for paticipants with an iPhone 3G to test their iPhone 3G data speeds on EDGE and 3G using the website to perform the testing required. Note that prior to testing EDGE vs. 3G you must have the 3G setting off for EDGE testing and on for 3G testing. In both cases you want to have WI-FI off. Complete instructions for the testing can be found here.

Once you have gathered up the data you can add it to the map provided which is located here.

One thing to note about the test is there is a big difference in speed from country to country and even different locations in the same country. It will be interesting to see the results and any analysis that is derived from the data. He was on the phone with Apple and AT&T tech support and finally the servers started syncing and the phone display came up and everything got downloaded (iTunes, etc). He says time flew by as he admired the beauty of the new device and tried to fix the problems. He said unless the servers sync, the device is a pure piece of “art,” He also referred to it as a piece of “glass.” “When it works it is amazing,” he exclaimed. I asked about the lack of a keyboard as I figured with would be a deal killer for many. He says there is more flexibility with the device since there is no stylus needed. He says it is totally different than traditional handsets and is a breakthrough in terms of user experience.

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Response from: M Parvati,   
Registered Member on Ask Agent
Are some iPhone 3G's plagued by reception problems? Apple and its US wireless partner AT&T don't think so. However, those with a less than stellar experience have been congregating on Apple's discussion forums for over a month now, demanding the company take notice.

Among the various issues are an unusual number of dropped 3G voice calls, calls that don't properly downgrade from a 3G signal to an EDGE signal when 3G reception weakens, and poor overall 3G reception in areas where other 3G phones reflect good reception.

In a research note to clients Tuesday, Nomura analyst Richard Windsor speculated that an "immature" chipset solution from Infineon may be to blame for the sporadic issues.

"We believe that these issues are typical of an immature chipset and radio protocol stack where we are almost certain Infineon is the 3G supplier," he wrote.

Windsor added that since he believes the problem to be embedded within the chipset itself, it's unlikely that Apple can rectify the issue through software updates.

While Apple has remained relatively mum on the subject, AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel said his firm is working with the iPhone maker to ensure that users have a great experience with the iPhone 3G, which he said has not been a source of tremendous complaints.

Siegel added the two companies are indeed investigating all customer complaints, but said it remains unclear whether the complaints are indicative of a widespread problem or the product of individual circumstances.

"How a device performs in individual situations depends on circumstances like where you are in the 3G coverage, how close you are to a cell site," he said. "Things like terrain and buildings all come into play. I'm not denying that people are having a less than satisfactory experience, but overall, the phone is doing great."

Widespread complaints about the iPhone 3G's reception have spread across the Internet in the month since Apple and AT&T released the successor to the original iPhone. The companies insist that nothing is wrong, but the complaints have been mounting through e-mails, water-cooler discussions, and message boards on Apple's own Web site: iPhone 3G users are having trouble connecting, and staying connected, to the 3G networks in their areas.

A month after the release of the iPhone 3G, users are still reporting widespread issues with call reception and networking stability. (Credit: Apple)

Users say the iPhone 3G will switch between 3G networks and EDGE networks even when the device is sitting still. They'll lose reception in the middle of a call while traveling through a 3G-rich environment. Friends with other 3G phones on AT&T's network are not reporting similar problems. And the issues don't appear to be confined to AT&T's network: iPhone 3G users in other countries report similar problems with their new phones.

As you can imagine, this doesn't sit well with many who eagerly bought the iPhone 3G to take advantage of 3G networks, which Apple promises are "twice as fast" as the EDGE networks in its advertising material. "Frankly, if I knew it was going to be like this, I wouldn't have paid the extra $10 a month," said iPhone 3G owner David Howard of Provo, Utah.

Repeated attempts over the past week to get Apple and AT&T to even acknowledge the uproar--if not the issues specifically--proved pointless. Apple didn't even attempt to answer the questions, deferring inquiries to AT&T, which declared that there were absolutely no widespread problems with the iPhone 3G on its network.

"What we're seeing is that the iPhone 3G is performing very well," said Mark Siegel, a spokesman for AT&T. "I'm not denying that people are having problems. But we have to deal with these on a case-by-case basis."

It's always difficult to determine the scope of an issue posted on Internet message boards--whether or not a loud minority is blowing up a relatively minor problem into something more. But this time, lots of different people are crowding the Internet to vent their frustrations and search for answers to the reception issues, and they are finding a lot of sympathizers.

Without detailed testing, it's also difficult to say for sure what is causing the dropped calls or limited access to the network. Most likely, the cause of the problem is not solely an AT&T network issue nor is it an Apple device issue: It's a combination of both.

The network AT&T's 3G network is not ubiquitous. Currently, AT&T offers 3G service in only 300 major metropolitan areas. It expects to get to 350 metro areas by the end of the year. By contrast, AT&T's 2.5G EDGE network, which is what the first-generation iPhone uses, is deployed throughout AT&T's entire nationwide footprint.

For iPhone 3G users this means they should be able to get 3G coverage in the areas marked by AT&T's coverage map. Many of the problems, however, are being reported in just those places. Some residents of San Francisco, Chicago, and New York--among the first destinations for AT&T's 3G network technology--report spotty 3G availability on their iPhone 3Gs, but excellent EDGE performance.

That suggests either a hand-off issue or a capacity issue. The hand-off between the two networks is supposed to be seamless: 3G calls should automatically switch to EDGE when the 3G signal gets too weak. But the iPhone 3G seems to be hanging when it switches from the 3G network to the EDGE network, dropping service altogether in some cases. Apple technicians who examined Shaw's phone found that 36 percent of his calls had been dropped.

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Response from: Nisha Danny,   
Featured Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Nisha Danny recommends:

You Can Eradicate Poverty
See how you can get involved with SKS to empower the poor through micro-credit.

Want your ad here?
Hello, iPhone in India has recieved a muted response in India, according to news reports. I think the response will be worse for many reasons.

Cost: Airtel and Vodafone has planned to launch the model by selling it for 21,000 for 8GB and 36,000 for 16 GB. It has been introduced in the market for the same cost as US market. After buying the mobile phone bills monthly will shoot up for customers. Current rate of mobile charged is just 1.5 - 2 cents per minute. With iphone rate is going to be too high of 25cents per minute.

Features: 3G networks need to be introduced for iphone to experience faster downloading and browsing features. All those multimedia features are of no use in India. GPS is a feature not useful for Indian consumers as the feature does not work in India. Many people by now has digital cameras and why an additional one? Browsing on a small screen is of not much use in India as there are internet cafes in every nook and corner of atleast the cities and towns.

Battery life: It has never met the expectations of US consumers. iPhone claiims a battery life of 8 hours talk time. Actually, the battery life is too low based on reports.

-Blue tooth facility is lacking.

-8GB storage is too low for an iPhone device. Indians are music and movie loevrs and they need much more storage for their use compared to west.

-iPhone is tied with only two service providers. Indians look for the best choice as service provider as every penny spend costs more dearly due to rising inflation.

The overall costs and mobile bills will take a large chunk of monthly earnings for Indians. The launch of this phone model was done when inflation in India is at its oeak.Already it has recieved a muted response in the market after just the initial launch. All of these, makes it the least choice for the money atleast for now. Only time will prove otherwise!

Best wishes.

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Response from: Usha Jain,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
We first reported on issues with iPhone 3G signal and reception just five days after the release of the iPhone 3G on July 16, 2008. Since that time the topic has been covered both by us and by many other bloggers and news agencies. The issue regarding 3G reception is definitely at the top of most users list of complaints about the new iPhone 3G.

The problem is not limited to relatively new 3G markets like the one on AT&T’s network in the US. Users in foreign countries with established 3G networks are also complaining about the iPhone 3Gs performance. Making matters worse for Apple is the fact that in any of these markets users can have another vendors 3G phone next to the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3G usually works very poorly in comparison to the other 3G phone.

The root cause for the phone;s reception issue has not been exactly identified, but many are saying that the problem is with the relatively new Infineon Technologies chip set used in the iPhone 3G. Consider the following reports.

Peter Burrows reports for BusinessWeek:

“Complaints over dropped calls and choppy Web connections on Apple’s iPhone 3G have sparked a wave of debate in the blogosphere over the root cause of the problems. Two well-placed sources tell the glitches are related to a chip inside Apple’s music-playing cell phone. The sources add that Apple plans to remedy the problems through a software upgrade rather than through a more disruptive step, such as a product recall. ”

Tom Krazit at one of our sister sites covers two possibilities for the iPhone 3Gs problems here and here. In one post Tom describes a posting on MacRumors where:

“T-Mobile Netherlands threw the iPhone 3G under the bus, blaming Apple for the problems its customers have been experiencing connecting to 3G networks in that country. Complaints have been cropping up in the U.S. as well about the iPhone 3G’s performance on AT&T’s network.”

Ryan Kim of the San Francisco Chronicle reports on the Shadow side of iPhone 3G’s blockbuster success. He reports on comments from Stephen Yarbrough:

“I was driving down Folsom Street in San Francisco and I got a dropped call 10 times. I get dropped calls just standing in one place,” said Yarbrough, a 34-year-old San Francisco accountant. “I’m extremely annoyed, but I’m hopeful a software update will fix it.”

Yarbrough’s experiences are not unlike the experience some iPhone Atlas staffers and many other users on their daily commute to and from work. They also report that the iPhone is the first phone many of them have used in years with an exceptional number of dropped calls - especially when the iPhone has 3G turned on and the iPhone handles the swap to EDGE poorly.

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Response from: ceazer b,   
Registered Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.

iphone is huge success in india... it had about 1.5 lac booking a week before its launch in india... so i think the reception is already on pra with other countries including the US..

the craze continues for some more months and the sales will obviously go up day by day... the network providers are already making hay with it...

as far as cell phone market is concerned it doesn't make much difference... considering 20 crore mobile phones in india to about 5 lac iphones in 1 year it's too less... each has its market...

iphones are not readily affordable by most of the indian middle class..... so the balance is towards the other phones than the iphone, but the iphone has its range of customers in uppercalss..

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Response from: Lathaa Manavalan,   
Council Member on Ask Agent
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Iphone response in India compared to other countries is a failure. It was expected more before it's launch. But after that a mixed response is seen. In metros a few have been sold at start. It's heavy pricing is the reason. Only if it cuts the price by 50% it will pick up it's sales. Moreover India's 3G network has to be expanded. I don't think there would be any great change in cell phone market because of Iphone. My be younger generation may enjoy a little bit.

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Response from: GUDDU .,   
Council Member on
Source: This information comes from my own knowledge.
Hi Anonymous,

The price of the I Phone makes the Average indian to go backward from buying it.Also there are a lot of problems faced by it in America makes the Indians to think of buying it.

The problems faced by it in America are

1.Dropped calls 2. connection failures — sometimes repeatedly — during calls.

3.The problem typically occurs when the device attempts to move from 3G to another network.

So it will be a failure in our country.

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