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No. English term Description Other languages
1 Almond Almonds are used extensively in north Indian meat curries in order to thicken sauce and in certain vegetable kormas, both, to thicken sauce and also to add a nutty flavour (for use in gravies as sauce thickener, cover almonds with water and microwave them on high for a minute. Let sit aside for two to three minutes, drain water and squeeze/pinch the nut out of the skin by putting pressure on the pointed end while holding on to the skin. Remember, the nuts are still hot. Make into a smooth paste in a processor along with a little water or fried onions or as the recipe calls for). Over the last few years they have seeped into south Indian gravy dishes too (apart from the traditional poppy seeds or khus-khus). Almonds are also widely used for 'Badam kheer'-a popular dessert and as a snack (They are served in wide silver platters along with other dry fruits and nuts on festive occasions like Diwaali). Almonds are also used in kashmiri rice preparations. High in vitamin E, they are shallow fried in ghee or clarified butter along with cashew nuts, raisins, sugar and whole wheat flour in equal proportions and then roughly ground, which is then given to lactating mothers.
bengali badam
gujarati badam
hindi badam
kannada badami
malayalam badam
marathi badam
panjabi, eastern badam
tamil vadumai
telugu bedamu, baadamu
2 Aloe vera
bengali musabhar
gujarati kumara
hindi ghikanavar
kannada lolisaara
malayalam katar vaazha
tamil kartazhai
telugu kalabanda
3 amblic myrobalan (Indian Gooseberry) Aamla is used extensively in India both for its medicinal value and also for cosmetic purposes. Amla contains pretty much all the tastes. It is sour, sweet, bitter, pungent etc. It is praised as a miracle ingredient for curing all alimentary canal problems. Aamla oil helps in slowing of premature greying, baldness, etc. Aamla is also used in making pickles. It is also available in dried form. Store the dried aamla in a cool place away from heat and moisture. Before using, seep in warm water for fifteen to twenty minutes.
bengali aamla
gujarati ambala
hindi aamla
kannada nellikaayi
malayalam nellikka
panjabi, eastern amla
tamil nelli kai
telugu usiri kaaya
4 Anise pepper, Sprice pepper, Sichuan pepper, Chinese pepper, Japanese pepper, (Japanese) prickly ash
hindi tilfda
kannada kamte kai
marathi Tirphal, chirphal
5 Anise seed (fennel) Aniseed or saunf is mostly used in north Indian pickles and also as a mouth freshener. It is also extensively used, in powdered form, in Kashmiri dishes, especially in the preparation of sauces. Store in a cool place.
bengali banmohuri
gujarati warjari
hindi saunf
kannada dodda sompu
malayalam sutha koppa
tamil santhakuppai
telugu sompu, sopu
6 Asafoetida Dried gum resin from the root of various East Indian and Iranian plants. Asafoetida or hing as is popularly called, is sold in both powdered and cake form. The powdered form usually contains wheat flour for upto 30% by weight and is less pungent than the cake. The best flavour of hing comes out when it is added to hot oil. It is used in bagaar of dals (tomato pappu, thotakoora pappu, nimma pappu, paalakoora pappu), curries like avial. Asafoetida forms an integral part of sambhar podi (sambhar spice) and rasam podi (rasam spice). It is used in the tasty and famous prasadam at Tirumala temple (In both, pulihora and daddojanam). Medicinal use: In south India, a pin head amount of asafoetida sprinkled on a damp cotton swab is often placed on the belly button of infants suffering from colic and stomach cramps. It has been proven to be highly effective in giving comfort to the infants and relief to parents!
chinese, wu Hing
french Perungayam
german, standard Hing
kannada hingu
korean Hing
malayalam perungayam
marathi hing
telugu Inguva
7 Ash Gourd Ash gourd is very important in Indian religious ceremonies. It is frequently found hanging from a rope in front of newly built houses, as it is believed to ward off evil spirits. This gourd is also ground to a coarse paste and made in to vadiyaalu (similar to papads). It is also used in preparation of a dessert called peths which is the most famous sweet of Agra, the place that also boasts of Taj Mahal. The gourd stays well for up to three to four months.
bengali cerifera
gujarati kohola
hindi petha
kannada boddu gumbala
malayalam kumpalam
panjabi, eastern petha
tamil kumpala
telugu boodida gummadi

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