The Online Privacy Policy of Ask Agent™

We believe that it is in our best interest and yours to protect your privacy.

We do not sell, reveal or redistribute our e-mail lists to third parties or spammers. All email addresses are kept strictly confidential. No email address is published on the website.

When submitting a query, you will always have the option to keep your query private. If you wish your name and query to be kept confidential, you should either select "private query" duing the submission process, or tick "no" if prompted about whether or not you want your query to to appear in a public database ("No" is selected by default). To protect your identity further, either use a nickname, pseudonym, or generic name, or select the "Anonymous" option, and be sure not to include information in your query that allows others to identify you.

We will not send you a newsletter or any other promotional material unless you've chosen to receive them or if your email is added by a friend or someone who wants you to be informed about our services. If you have registered on the network, you may receive an email query pertaining to a category you have selected. However, you can turn this feature on/off in your "My Settings" after you log in to your account.

We also believe you should be able to remove yourself from any mailing list quickly and easily. All newsletters and automated messages allow you to remove your email address from the mailing list either by clicking an "unsubscribe" or "remove" link (and confirming your desire to unregiser), or by logging into your account and changing your "Account Settings."

IMPORTANT: Queries and responses cannot be removed from the system once they are entered, but they can be marked private at any time by logging into your account and marking the query private. If you are an advisor, you cannot unpublish advice once it is submitted, however you can change your name and site title at any time, thereby disassociating yourself from the information.

Any e-commerce transaction through our site will take place through secure servers, utilizing the latest encryption technology from reputable sources to safeguard all transactions (e.g. credit card/online purchases) from unauthorized viewing, using standard SSL encryption, or the equivalent, with a certificate from VeriSign or its equivalent. Moreover, unlike many systems on the Internet, we DO NOT store credit card numbers, or any other credit card information, in any format, so in the unlikely event of a user breaking into our databases with malicious intent, no credit card or other vital information will be available to them.

Any cookies used in our web development will not track individual information and cookies from Ask Agent™ can only be read by Ask Agent™. If you are still uncomfortable with the transfer of cookies between our system and yours, we recommend that you disable the cookies function in your browser. Our intent in using cookies is simply to improve the quality of your web experience by preventing you from having to enter information again and again.

These measures, along with our belief that it is up to the individual to determine who receives and what may be done with his or her personal information, ensure that any information submitted on our site will be kept confidential. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact us.

Important Disclaimer: This question and answer system is open to the public. The opinions expressed are those of their individual authors, as attributed beside each item of advice. Neither the authors nor the information they provide are endorsed by this website. We recommend using common sense, making your own inquiries, and, if necessary, seeking professional advice before relying on material generated on this site.

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