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This site uses the Ask Agent™ technology

The Ask Agent™ FAQ

The Ask Agent™
Why the Ask Agent™?
Ask Agent Dollars (AA$)
Different types of AA$
Making money (US$)
Putting AA$ on questions
Guaranteed results
Tips for asking good questions
Rating of questions
Receiving answers
1-on-1 questions and chat
Private questions
Too late to make private?
Removing material from
Google & other Search Engines

Building you network
("Ask My Network")

Free SMS to any cell phone in world
Deleting information/account
Star ratings
What are the two different types of ratings for?
Buy/Sell of AA$
Lock category
Replying to an answer
Including ads in my response
Viewing the ads I've selected
Ads I've selected don't appear
Publishers Program
Advertising on Ask Agent™
Creating your own categories
Using Google's Adsense
Auto-PDF Formatting of Answers
More information & Contact

What is the Ask Agent™?

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This site operates using Ask Agent™ technology. The Ask Agent™ is the ultimate knowledge trading engine, providing information to those who need it, and real rewards to those with information to share. Numerous patents have been filed on the technology in the USA and other countries since 2001.

Why should I use the Ask Agent™?

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What are Ask Agent™ Dollars (AA$)?

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AA$ are the universal currency of and the Ask Agent™ network of websites. You earn AA$ for answering questions and participating. Or you can purchase AA$. On some sites, new users receive some free start-up AA$ (usually between AA$10-AA$20). Note: You cannot trade start-up AA$ for US$, or purchase product with start-up AA$.

What can I do with my AA$?
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What's the difference between "Start-up AA$" and other AA$?

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Start-up AA$ is the amount of AA$ you receive when you first join the system. Start-up AA$ cannot be traded for US$ or used to purchase products/services. Start-up AA$ can only be used to ask more powerful questions.
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How do I make money (US$) using this system?

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There are many ways to earn US$ through the Ask Agent™:

  • Trade the AA$ your earn for US$. You can trade your AA$ for US$ through our AskEx system.
  • Google Adsense! You can add Google Adsense code to your public member's page and earn US$ from Google.
  • Drive users to your existing business. If you already have an on-line business or website, the Ask Agent™ is a reliable way to bring in new, targetted customers

How do I know how much AA$ to put on a question I post?

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The more AA$ you put on your question, the more attention it will receive. You can calculate the expected service by using our Service Calculator which is available on the home page, and during the post-a-question process. Click here for an example.

Remember, you can always upgrade your query with more AA$ at any time, or you can close your query, take a refund, and post a new query.
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How do I know I'll receive any answers, and what happens if I don't? Do I get my money back?

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If you do not receive any answers -- or if the answers you receive do not meet the expectations of our Service Calculator -- you receive an automatic refund. You can claim this refund at any time during the query process. So even if you close your query before the Service Calculator's expectations are met, you still receive a refund.
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Apart from adding more AA$, how else can I increase my chances of receiving high quality answers more quickly?

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The best way to increase the number, speed and quality of responses you receive is to add as much AA$ as you can afford. Apart from that, you should...

1) Make your query as specific as possible. Think of the Ask Agent™ as a person, and you want to give that person as much information as possible to help you.

2) Include relevant background information. If you've already done research on the query, include your findings so advisors understand how far you've come with your research.

3) Clarify the type of answer you require. If, for example, you don't want Internet links, then just say "please no Internet links." Or if you want only original opinions, just say so. The more specific you are, the better answers you'll receive.

4) Avoid any of the following, as it's likely to result in your query being rejected:

-- offensive, abusive or crude material designed to provoke disgust or incite a sexual response
-- racist, sexist, communalist or chauvenistic language
-- attacks on private individuals or requests for private information about invidivuals
-- requests for information on illegal activities
-- unclear or nonsense language
-- personal contact details such as phone numbers or residential addresses.

Your query will be rated by the top experts in the category to which it's submitted. You will be able to view the ratings you receive. The higher rating you receive, the more quickly you are likely to receive responses, and the better, more helpful those responses are likely to be.

Why are my queries rated?

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The Ask Agent™ prioritizes queries to prevent spamming, malicious use and a general waste of time in order to provide the best and fastest answers possible. The system takes many factors into account when priortizing queries. One of those factors is the rating given to the query by the highest ranked advisors.
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How do I know my queries/responses are rated fairly?

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Your queries are rated by the top-ranked advisors in the category, or in any parent category if the original category does not have enough top advisors. More than one advisor can rate your query. Not only does the system take the average, but it also analyzes rating patterns to promote the fairest possible practice. This technology, like much of the Ask Agent™ technology, is patent-protected, and has been developed and refined over years of research and testing.
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How will I know if my query has received a response?

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You will be notified by email when the query is rated by at least one Advisor. You will also be notified by email each time a new answer comes in that has been rated by at least one Advisor in the category.
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I've received several answers to my query. How do I know which one is correct?

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The Ask Agent™ feature allows users to receive several responses to a single query. The rating system will tell you which response is rated highest. If two responses are conflicting and given the same rating, you may wish to submit the conflicting responses through Ask Agent™ again and request a clarification. You can also see how the Advisors who gave the advice compare with other Advisors in the category by clicking on their name (which takes you to their home page).
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What's a 1-on-1 Query or Chat?

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You can connect directly to an advisor through the advisor's member page, also known as their "blog" page. Each advisor has the option whether or not to charge an AA$ fee for queries or chat -- and some may not allow queries at all. Each advisor also has the option whether or not to allow private queries, and whether to charge an AA$ fee for private queries. If a query is not marked private by the person asking the query, the advisor has the option to publish the query on his/her public home page. Queries marked "keep private," however, cannot be published anywhere on the site.
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Are the queries I submit private?

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Your email address is kept strictly confidential and is never revealed to any third party (see our privacy policy). Apart from that, if you wish to keep your identity private when asking a query, best not to reveal any personal details when submitting the query. As a safety measure, you will also be asked to confirm the details you enter before the query is finally submitted.

If you tick the "Keep Private" box when submitting your query, the query will only appear to advisors who are featured in the relevant category. Any responses you receive will be anonymously rated, but otherwise are only viewable by you. A payment of AA$ may be required for the "Keep Private" feature.
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What does 'Lock category' do?

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By ticking this option, the query is locked into the category, and cannot be changed by the system unless you choose to change it, or choose to unlock it later. By leaving it unticked, the system may decide to place your query in what it considers a more appropriate category (you will be notified if this happens). We recommend leaving it unticked unless you're absolutely sure you want it to remain in a particular category.
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Can I mark one of my queries private after I submit it?

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Yes, you can easily remove your queries and information from our web network. Simply login to your account, go to Ask > My Asked Questions and mark your questions private. The questions will be removed from public view (Note: It can take up to 4 hours for the questions to be removed entirely from our web network). If there is an AA$ cost in private queries, you will need to have enough AA$ in your account to mark your query private. If you don't have enough AA$, you can purchase more or answer queries to earn more.
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I've removed my question by making it private, or have changed my public ID, but the old information is still appearing on search engines such as Google!

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If you have made changes which have been updated on our site, but which continue to appear on Search Engines -- AND if you want the old information permanently removed from the Search Engine, you will need to request the Search Engine to update its index.

Most search engines provide this facility. For Google, you can request them to remove the cached material entirely (by clicking here).

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What's the Ask "My Network" feature and how/why build a network?

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By inviting friends, family and colleagues, you build a social network of users with whom you can request information for free -- without any AA$ being spent. The bigger this network grows, the easier it will be to find information, as you will be connected to friends of friends of friends until the right person has the information you desire. For every friend you bring into the network, you also earn AA$, which can be used universally, i.e. for asking questions to any category. You also earn free SMS credits -- see next question.
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How do I send free SMS messages to any cell phone in the world?

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All new members of our system receive 2 free SMS messages which can be sent to almost any cell phone in the world. Then for every friend, family or colleague you invite to our system who registers, you receive a free SMS message (plus some AA$!). To take advantage of this feature, login to your account and select My Network > Invite Friends. To send an SMS message to a cell phone, select Mobile/SMS > Send SMS. .
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Can I delete my queries, response or my user account at any time?

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Your user details are stored securely in our database and are not shared with any third party. Please read our privacy policy for more information. If you wish to "delete" your account, the easiest and safest solution is to change your registered name, and any personal information, which will overwrite the old data, completey erasing your information from our database.

The only way to "delete" your queries once they've been submitted is to mark them private. Any responses you've entered as an advisor cannot be deleted once published -- but again, you can always overwrite the registered name associated with the answers.
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What do the stars --   --   on queries and resposes represent?

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The stars show the average rating given by the top ranked Advisors to a particular response.
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What are the two different types of ratings for -- top experts and public ratings?

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Ratings of top-ranked experts
--   this is the average of the ratings received by the top tier of experts in the category. These experts are selected each month based upon their cumulative earnings in the category. You must be a top-tier advisor (a.k.a. "Council Member") in the category to have your rating included in this average rating. Users cannot rate their own submissions.

Public rating

--   this is the average of the ratings received by users of the website who are NOT part of the top tier of experts in the category. Anyone can submit their rating here by clicking on the stars. If you are a top-tier advisor in the category, your rating will automatically be included in the top-ranked experts' rating. Users cannot rate their own submissions.

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How can I respond to the Advisor who answered my query?

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Next to the query response you may find a link "Thank this Advisor" (if advisor allows thank-yous). Alternatively, you can click their user name and go to their member page, where they may allow you to submit a question or comment directly to them.
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Can I buy AA$ low and sell high later? Or sell short, before the price drops (if it drops)?

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Yes, that's part of how the system works. Users can buy and sell AA$ whenever they want.
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I've received an offer from an Advertiser? What does it mean?

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As you move up the rankings in a category (by earning more AA$), you are more likely to receive sponsorship offers from Advertisers. The Advertiser will offer you a "recommendation" fee and/or a "click" fee. The "recommendation" fee is how much AA$ you will receive each time you select the advertisement to include in your response. The "click" fee is how much AA$ you will receive each time a user clicks on the advertisement you've recommended. You have the option to accept or reject offers from advertisers. If you accept, you will have the option to include the advertisement in your responses when answering questions in that category.

Note: If you give ads which are not relevant to the question, your response will likely receive a low rating, or even be rejected, by the Council Members in the category. So only give relevant ads! See below for more information.
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I've accepted a sponsorship offer, but why don't I see the option to select the advertisement when giving responses to questions in that category?

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Each Advertiser selects a daily budget. If the daily budget is reached, the advertisement will no longer appear for you to select when answering questions in the category.
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I've selected an advertisement to include in my response, but when I see my published response, sometimes the advertisement doesn't appear? Why?

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When launching an advertising campaign, advertisers can select the option "only show my ad to the person who asked the question." If this option is selected, the advertisement will not be viewable by the public. If the option is not selected, the ad is viewable by the public unless the advertiser's daily budget has been reached, in which case the advertisement disappears to prevent more clicks.
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I'm a blogger or web publisher -- how do I add the Ask Agent™ to my site to generate money?

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Just join our publisher's program. There you can create a snippet of code which goes onto your blog or web page. We pay for questions and answers your site generates. The more -- and better -- Q&A your site generates, the more money you make. You can even upload your logo, so when asking questions or giving answers, your users feel right at home.
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How do I advertise on the Ask Agent™ network?

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Just go to and it will take you through an easy step-by-step process. It's entirely free to try and one of the most effective advertising systems on the Internet. Absolutely no false clicks, because our publishers are motivated by the content (Q&A) they generate, and not by the number of clicks.
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Can I create my own categories?

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Yes, just login and click My Categories > Create New Category. The category creation feature allows you to invite new members and kick-start your category's growth.
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How do I add Google Adsense to my Ask Agent™ homepage?

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AdSense is Google's advertising system. If this feature is turned on, Google's system produces relevant ads alongside your Ask Agent?content. You must have a Google Adsense account for this feature to work.
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What is a professional formatting?

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The professional formatting option allows you to save the responses your receive in a neat, professionally typeset PDF file format. This feature is especially useful if you need to present your information in a report, or wish to print it out. Click for examples.
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I have more questions. How do I contact you?

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If you require more information about the Ask Agent™, please feel free to contact You may also want to view our latest Tech Support FAQ which has some of the latest information, or the latest Tech Support newsletter.

Alternatively, you can ask information from other users by submitting queries to our "Technical Support." "About Ask Agent" or "About Us" categories.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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