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Jan 16, 09

What are some good tips for small, medium, and even large businesses to be successful in difficult economic times? Kindly give specific examples and sources. Thank you!

Jan 03, 09

With 2009 promising to be an exciting, high-growth year for this website, we're putting together the core values which will help guide our web community into the future. Our staff have identified six values so far: 1) We are a community. 2) Listening to our community is critical to our development and success. 3) Our community is strongest when our members support the community and each other. 4) We value and strive to provide maximum reward for the unique expertise and creative abilities of each individual member, in a manner commensurate to the member's contribution, regardless of the member's existing celebrity or financial status. 5) We seek to deliver the most valuable information, as fast as possible. 6) Fairness and a merit-based reward system are the foundation of everything we do. Putting aside all other issues and ideas you may have about this website, what do you think of these core values? Are they the right values for this community? Should they be changed, re-worded, reduced? Are there other values you'd like to see included? And if so, what are they? After receiving your feedback, we will post the results in our "Latest News" section, as well as on a special "Our Values" page, and in our Terms and Conditions. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and prosperous 2009!

Dec 10, 08

How can Indian citizens work together and with government to help protect the country from terrorist attacks while at the same time protecting the very values which have defined the nation? Note: We plan to send the top rated answers to the office of the Indian Home Minister.

Nov 30, 08

How have the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai affected you or the people you know? How do you think the attacks will affect India's regional diplomacy, and what action should the Indian government take?

Nov 06, 08

We're pleased to trial a new concept we're calling "You Interview," with the idea of encouraging greater interaction between our community and the people who make a difference in your community. Please read this query carefully, because it's unlike previous queries we've featured here in the past:

We're asking you to contact -- by phone or email -- a journalist or editor in your area and ask them some questions.

This week's topic: What's an important news story which they feel their audience needs to be more aware of? And why is this story so important?

Here are the rules you must follow. (Note: Council members should mark unacceptable any submission which is in breach of these rules).

1) The journalist or editor you interview can work offline, but must be represented (e.g. a staff page) somewhere on the Internet -- and you must provide the web address which contains his or her contact details, or their company's contact details.

2) You must inform the journalist or editor who you interview that you are a member of the network, and that the interview will be published on and its network of sites.

3) You must include the person's name, title, the name of their organization, and their location.

4) Then make sure you include your exact questions and the person's exact answers. The wording must be accurate.

You should also feel free, if you desire, to ask your interview subject additional questions related to the topic.

That's it! We look forward to some fascinating interviews!

Oct 30, 08

How important are the United States elections to the rest of the world? And what effects, if any, will the results of the elections have globally?

Oct 30, 08

What will make your celebration of Diwali this year most special to you, and why? Or, what's your fondest memory from a past Diwali, and what makes it so memorable to you?

Oct 03, 08

Can you find out the water-per-guest ratio of at least one (or all three) of these hotels -- the Oberoi Mumbai, the Crown Plaza Gurgaon and the Taj Residency Bangalore -- and how does their water consumption compare to India's national average per capita?

Sep 20, 08

Is the ability to think critically an important part of education? How important is it and why? Do Indian schools focus too much on rote learning and too little on critical thinking? And if so, what harm does this cause, if any? And if Indian schools focus too much on rote learning, what needs to happen for Indian students to learn how to think for themselves?

Sep 01, 08

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is incomplete without the sweetness of modaks (a droplet shaped Indian sweet). Can you guide us some original recipes to prepare the best modaks? Is there any story behind the modak? Why is it assocoated with the Ganesh Chaturthi festival?

Aug 26, 08

Do you think the iPhone's reception in the Indian market will be better or worse than in America or other countries -- and why? How do you think the iPhone will impact India's cell phone market overall?

Aug 20, 08

What accounts for India's inability to produce competitve Olympic atheletes? Should India be trying harder, and if so, how?

Aug 05, 08

In the last week, headlines around the world have appeared about the violent deaths of up to 200 people in India -- not from terrorist attacks, but first a fire in a train in South India; and second, a stampede at a temple. Such types of accidents, which are usually preventable and often the result of negligence, happen daily in India, on a smaller scale and don't appear in the news. In Mumbai alone, about a dozen people die every day on commuter trains. Pedestrians are hit by cars, gas cylinders explode, lorries, tractors, buses and boats are overloaded and crash, liquor is adulterated, patients are misdiagnosed, and so on. Are we as a culture too accepting of these so-called "accidents?" Why or why not? Are many of these "accidents" more preventable, and causing more unecessary misery than we may realize; and if so, what do we need to do ensure that our society begins putting more emphasis on safety and accountability, rather than accept tragic accidents as a part of our daily lives?

Jul 29, 08

Do you keep physically fit? If not, why not, and if so, how do you do it? Do you have a fitness exercise machine in your home? Do you excercise in a gym or outdoors? What are some easy ways to keep fit -- especially for those who don't have easy access to a park or gym?

Jul 28, 08

India has the collective ability effectively to target all forms of terrorism that threaten the nation’s security and integrity. What remedial measures, long term and short term, can be taken to tackle the problem of terrorism?

Jul 22, 08

What's your strategy for becoming rich? Is it all about making as much money as possible, however possible, or do you include ethical or social considerations? Is your strategy working? Why or why not?

Jul 15, 08

India has seen a growth in retail therapy due to a rise in disposable income & shopping malls. Is shopping a passion, pastime or necessity for you? Why?

Jul 10, 08

What are your guidelines for table manners and how important is dining etiquette to you and your family? Why do you consider it so important, or why is it not so important?

Jun 30, 08

There are roughly 90 million elderly people in India today. What are you doing to help make the lives of the elderly more comfortable in your community and in your family? And what are some practical things others can do for to enrich the lives of older people in India?

Jun 24, 08

If your life was a feature film, which film star would you be, which role would you play, and why?

Jun 16, 08

A total of 3,30,000 metric tonnes of electronic waste was generated in India last year alone, creating what many people believe is a toxic, non-biodegradable nightmare. What are some simple and practical ways India can better cope with the risks electronic products -- such as computers, cell phones, televisions, etc -- pose to the environment?

Jun 09, 08

If you could give your father anything in the world, what would it be?

Jun 03, 08

Time to prepare a dinner for 100 people of your choice. What would you serve and how would you present the best dinner party of all time?

May 26, 08

How will the rising cost of petrol affect you, if at all, and what are some practical measures, if any, you plan to take -- or are currently taking -- to cope with increased petrol costs? Lastly, what governmental measures would you like to see enacted to help your community adjust to the rising cost of petrol (please specify your country)?

May 20, 08

What are the three most exciting scientific developments happening today? And why do you think so? (Please be as specific as possible).

May 12, 08

Half way through the first season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), and the debate about the quality of cricket played has not subsided. Does the IPL spell doom for cricket, or has it rejuvenated our love for this sport? What do you think?

May 05, 08

These days, apart from their traditional roles, many mothers carry the extra burden of providing income for their families. Can you suggest a few practical programs government can implement to help mothers do justice to their career aspirations while caring for their families?

Apr 28, 08

According to a recent survey of the major metros of India, children today are shopping more, going out more, spending and expecting more money from their parents than children did 10 years ago. If children are indeed playing a growing role as consumers in Indian society, what effects if any, positive or negative, will this have on the Indian family? And what advice can you give parents and families to best cope with this growing trend?

Apr 21, 08

According to some of the world's leading scientists, time is running out. To avert catastrophic changes to the world's climate, we need to cut carbon emissions 80% by the year 2050, or two percent per year. Is this possible? What needs to be done? Can India meet these goals? Can you?

Apr 14, 08

India uses about 30,000 tons of pesticides a year, more than 60% of it on food crops. How important is food safety to you? How do you know what foods are safe? And would you be willing to pay more for organically grown food?

Apr 09, 08

Nearly 1.1 billion people, roughly 20% of the world’s population, lack access to safe drinking water. What are some simple things each of us can do to ensure more people have access to clean water?

Mar 31, 08

The rate of inflation has hit 6.68% in India, with costs of essential commodities such as rice and oil rising fast. How critical is the problem and how should the government respond?

Mar 24, 08

India has 41 million people with diabetes and the percentage of Indians affected by the disease is growing each year. What's causing this alarming diabetes epidemic in India and how can it be slowed?

Mar 17, 08

Given China's current crackdown on demonstrators in Tibet, and Burma's crackdown on demonstrators last year, should India be doing more in its relations with these countries to support democratic reforms? If so, how?

Mar 10, 08

If America is really entering a period of recession, what do you think will be the effects, if any, on the Indian economy and on the average Indian household?

Mar 03, 08

With 93 women to every 100 men, is India doing enough to prevent female infanticide and girl-child maltreatment? What more could be done?

Feb 26, 08

Are you happy with the present level of awareness about global warming in India? Why, or why not?

Dec 16, 07

I am interested in knowing what you think about the role technology plays in the urban-rural divide in India and how you think technology can help bridge the divide. So here is my question: What are three ways technology can help bridge the rural-urban divide in India?

Jul 12, 07

How can we convince people that gifting eyesight is the best gift one can give?

Jun 07, 07

How do you foresee the Indian saree evolving, in both wearability and style, to adapt to our changing lifestyle?

Jul 12, 07

What are the three changes you'd suggest to make Indian Railways the best railway system in the world?

Apr 03, 07

What are three practical ways each one of us can help prevent child labour?

Mar 04, 07

How best to help our senior citizens cope with the growing trend of their children migrating away from home?

Feb 20, 07

What are five practical ways by which we can create an awareness for animal welfare in India?


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