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Geetha Gopakumar $30.00   
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India trip Travel $12.62 Closed 06/27/06
sponsorhip in UAE by husband Immigration $12.61 Closed 07/23/08
Travel Travel $12.61 Closed 11/18/05
H4 to H1 while in India? Immigration $12.60 Closed 10/05/06
Questions asked at interview for naturalization Immigration $12.60 Closed 04/30/06
Can re-apply for H1B Immigration $12.60 Closed 04/22/06
Change of Status denied Immigration $12.59 Closed 09/21/06
H1B petition approved but I-129 denied-follow up Immigration $12.59 Closed 09/14/06
L2 to H1B Immigration $12.57 Closed 06/29/06
can f2 who had j1 ristricted optain H4 without waiver? Immigration $12.57 Closed 04/30/06
travel to india with infant India $12.56 Closed 09/02/08
B2 Overstayed;did not apply extension; now wants to come back Immigration $12.56 Closed 05/22/06
First time H1B stamping F2 to h1 Urgent pls Immigration $12.56 Closed 04/17/06
US educated - MBA & MS(IS),16 yrs.Central Banking Exp.-eligibiltiy for green card under EB2 category Immigration $12.56 Closed 04/05/06
i have my interview for h1b in jan 1st week and can my wife have her interview sometime later.... USA $12.54 Closed 12/09/07
H1 extension based on spouse's LC/140 Immigration $12.53 Closed 06/21/06
H1 visa Immigration $12.53 Closed 03/23/06
green card holder living abroad Immigration $12.51 Closed 10/04/06
Help on H1 application Immigration $12.51 Closed 09/14/06
H4 Stamping while having an approved H1 Visa Immigration $12.51 Closed 09/13/06

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