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 From:  Prasna , India , Oct/24/14 submitted on:
Subject:  My date of birth is 11-01-1984, time of ...
Question:  My date of birth is 11-01-1984, time of birth is 10.22AM star is Revathi.when will I get married?

Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

hema s,
Registered Member
  Ask Agent
  You have not provided your place of birth but still try to provide you reply.

The period from 02/11/2014 to 18/07/2015 marriage yog is solid. But might have to compromise

???????? ??????? ???? ?????

... Full advice ...
Rate = 3.5 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

 From:  pavan patil, HYDERABAD, Oct/23/14 submitted on:
Subject:  Dear Astrologers, My Date of Birth: 1...
Question:  Dear Astrologers,

My Date of Birth: 19th May 1985, Birth Time: 02:10 AM, Birth Location: Mudhol, Karnataka State. I feel I suffered lot with money matters & heath issues till now & have stressful work. I want to know are there any yogas in my horoscope like neechabhaga rajayoga, gajakesari yoga, malavya yoga, Laxmi yoga etc so that coming years will be good to me.

Will be greatful for your detailed analysis.

Thanks, Pavan

Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

hema s,
Registered Member
  Ask Agent
  As guru,has its eyes on mangal so aanshik (half) laxmi yog is there. Now a days till 18/07/2015 guru see guru on gochar graha , so good time for the bhagyauday. saturn come to his KARMA place from

... Full advice ...
Rate = 3 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

 From:  gr8 Indian, HYDERABAD, Oct/13/14 submitted on:
Subject:  What is my lucky gem(s) for financial ga...
Question:  Date of Birth: 10-07-65
Time of Birth:14:30 hrs
Place of Birth:Arkonam (TAMILNADU)

What is my lucky gem(s) for financial gains. How is my financial future.

DOB: 10 JULY, 1965 Time: 14: 30 hrs Place of Birth: Arkonam (Tamil Nadu)

Rate = 3 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

Preetha N,
Council Member
  Dear Sir, You have born in Kettai Star Scorpion Rasi and Libra Lagna on Saturday. In your horoscope birth chart, Mangal(Mars) is placed in Twelfth house from Lagna, while in the Moon chart Mangal is p

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Rate = 3.5 (Rated by 3 Council Members)

 From:  gayathri, chennai india , Oct/07/14 submitted on:
Subject:  My Dob 09.03.1994 11.10am magaram rashi ...
Question:  My Dob 09.03.1994 11.10am magaram rashi and thiruvonam . My guyz Dob 17.09.1993 6.45am kanni rashi and hastam . Astrologer denied the match saying no rajju or magalyam . Death is assured . Please help and r der any remedies v love each other

Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

rajeswara rao,
Registered Member
  Ask Agent
  Gayatri ji. Namaskar. Please mention the place of birth for both which would help for detailed analysis.

... Full advice ...
Rate = 2 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

 From:  Anonymous, PITTSBURGH, Oct/03/14 submitted on:
Subject:  Chart matching
Question:  Please suggest if these horoscopes match. I would like to know the compatibility in terms of: * longevity of married life * harmony and accord between the married couples * luck and financial prosperity for the couple * and other outstanding factor

Boy: Date of Birth: September 17 1980. Time of Birth: 22:34:00 Place of Birth: Thrissur, India

Girl Date of Birth: August 7 1988. Time of Birth: 3:47:00 Place of Birth: Palakkad, India

Rate = 3 (Rated by 3 Council Members)

Prabhakara Rao Kuppili,
Council Member
  There is gingivitis if they would be married.Under current disharmony will be in existence if the bride adjusts with the girl.Luck and financial prosperity is normal. The Bride groom would marry a gir

... Full advice ...
Rate = 3.5 (Rated by 2 Council Members)


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