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 From:  mystic trance, India, Oct/30/08 submitted on:
Subject:  GMAT
Question:  What is the eligibility for taking GMAT test in India? does it have any minimum percentage criteria in graduation as eligibility?

Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 12 Council Members)

jinka jul,
Registered Member
  Anyone and everyone is eligible for taking the GMAT - there are no restrictions based on age or qualifications. The test scores are valid for five years, i.e., most universities accept scores up to fi

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Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

Ace Mc,
Registered Member

Its official Site for GMAT...

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Rate = 2 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

ceazer b,
Council Member
  you can write gmat whenever you want. it is only the foreign institutes you apply ask for all those perentage of marks and other details you got in UG.

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Rate = 1 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

 From:  Pradeep, India, Sep/21/08 submitted on:
Subject:  Please give a suitable game plan for GMAT repeater who got 540
Question:  I have taken the GMAT in last july and got 540. To get admission in top B'school, I need atleast 680. I've taken the appointment again in November last week. I want to know the most successful game plan for this purpose. Where should I start the preparation and how should I prepare?

Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 13 Council Members)

Anonymous ,
Registered Member
  I think below links would leads you into best resources in this regard. Explore below links you will definitely get some idea for your query. All the best and go a head.

1) Get the Most Realistic G

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Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 6 Council Members)

Mahesh Gutlaplli,
Registered Member
  Let me tell you one thing you are the best teacher for yourself But am giving you suggestions on framing your own plan Plan 1: First analyze yourself and know yourself better so that you will know yo

... Full advice ...
Rate = 2 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

R P,
Registered Member
  Ask Agent
  If you are in India you can visit any branch of Princeton Review. They will guide you how to get good score and how to prepare and answer. All the Best.

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Rate = 1.5 (Rated by 7 Council Members)

 From:  niranjan, india, Jun/06/08 submitted on: Ask Agent
Subject:  GMAT Maths standard
Question:  For GMAT what mathematics standard will be required for preparing

Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 15 Council Members)

Bhumika K,
Council Member
  Dear Niranjan,

The Mathematical ability expected of a student taking GMAT is that of high school matchs. If you were good/avg in maths till your 10th standard that should be more than sufficient.

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Rate = 3 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

Venkata Subbaiah Komera,
Council Member
  Ask Agent
  Dear Niranjan

Application of Math techniques which you learned up to class X is sufficient for GMAT.Remember here some states syllabus in India not covered certain topics which you need to face in G

... Full advice ...
Rate = 3 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

Madhurima ~ Like being different,
Council Member
  Chapter 1: Arithmetic

1. Integers & Number Theory

2. Fractions

3. Decimals

4. Percent

5. Ratio and Proportion

6. Exponents & Roots

7. Sets

8. Permutation and Combination

9. Sequences

10. Pro

... Full advice ...
Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

Ashok Vundavalli,
Council Member
  +2 Mathematics is sufficient. You need to be sharp in getting the result which is the key skill required. Here is a sample test try it out to get a feel of GMAT…

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Rate = 2 (Rated by 7 Council Members)

Neela Shukla,
Registered Member
  Ask Agent
  Uptill grade 10

... Full advice ...
Rate = 1.5 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

 From:  Mohit, India, Apr/09/08 submitted on: Ask Agent
Subject:  D.O.B. 22 Aug 1977 ; Time 09:25 A.M. . Will MBA be a good carrer choice for me and the best time to go for it.
Question:  D.O.B. 22 Aug 1977 ; Time 09:25 A.M. . Will MBA be a good carrer choice for me and the best time to go for it.

Rate = 3 (Rated by 8 Council Members)

Keep Smiling .,
Council Member
  Repost your query alongwith the place of your birth in astrology category.

... Full advice ...
Rate = 2 (Rated by 8 Council Members)

Latha Jayaprakash,
Council Member
  Please do transfer the query to the Astrology Category

... Full advice ...
Rate = 1.5 (Rated by 8 Council Members)

 From:  ronniez, USA, Apr/09/08 submitted on:
Subject:  average tution fees even if you have a good percentile in GMAT?
Question:  is there any B school which offers you course at a less tution fees if you have good percentile in GMAT.What is the average fees across?

Rate = 3 (Rated by 8 Council Members)

Arun Annamalai,
Council Member

Don't worry about the fees. If you have good score you can fet into a good B-School and there are many banks to provide loan for your education if its a good institution. Say for example a BIM

... Full advice ...
Rate = 2 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

Rajnath Jana,
Registered Member
  Dont know

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Rate = 1 (Rated by 5 Council Members)


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