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 From:  kapil, India, Feb/27/10 submitted on:
Subject:  marriage certificate
Question:  i married on 31 Jan 2009 at Kanpur. it was a intercast marriege. but we did not registar it. now we need a marriege certificate for making a passport of my spouse. kindly guide me.

Rate = 3 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

Lata Verma,
Council Member
  Kapil, You can still get the marriage certificate. You will need marriage photographs (if you still have some) and three witnesses to register the marriage. Register it now and getting the certificat

... Full advice ...
Rate = 2 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

Rajan V,
Council Member
  Hi Kapil, You can get a marriage certificate or an affidavit informing about your marriage with date etc, from a Notary Public advocate on a stamped paper.

1. Please consult the Notary Public for

... Full advice ...
Rate = 2 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

Mohammadi ,
Council Member
  Go to the Marriage Registrar's office with the certificate obtained from the temple, along with the caste certificate, mark list where the caste is mentioned along with the relevant details of your sp

... Full advice ...
Rate = 2 (Rated by 3 Council Members)

Rajasimhan Anand,
Featured Member
  It is not necessary to have the marriage registration certificate for applying Passport for you and to your spouse. It is enough if you submit an affidavit (the format is available with all the notari

... Full advice ...
Rate = 1.5 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

ganapathi-agraharam vaidyanathan kannan,
Council Member
  Dear Kapil, You should have entered your name and your spouse name in the Marriage Register at the time of marriage.

Now the solution is to collect the witnesses of your solemnation and apply to

... Full advice ...
Rate = 1.5 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

 From:  Anonymous, hyd..india, Feb/23/10 submitted on:
Subject:  guide me
Question:  there r many types of wearing dhoti's in india...especially south india and can anyine guide me pl..

Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

Mohammadi ,
Council Member
  Dhoti is a traditional Indian men's wear. Even today men love to wear this ethnic wear occasionally and it is not very difficult to tie a dhoti. You only need the confidence. Lets see how you can wea

... Full advice ...
Rate = 3.5 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

Rajan V,
Council Member
  Dhoti is a traditional dress for male in South India especially in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The white dress is called Dhoti (Veshti in Tamil) and colored and patterned or printed Dhoti is called Lung

... Full advice ...
Rate = 3 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

ganapathi-agraharam vaidyanathan kannan,
Council Member
  Yes there are many typed of wearing Dhotis in South India. In Tamil Nadu,Brahmin Iyers wear in one style and the Iyengars wear in another style. In Andrea Pradesh, Dhoti wearing is in different style.

... Full advice ...
Rate = 2 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

 From:  Anonymous, Unknown, Feb/03/10 submitted on:
Subject:  agent asking orginals
Question:  is it necessary to submit my originals to passport agent to apply for passport..he says that the originals will be dispatched to your home along with passport is it correct are not please suggest me should i submit my originals to agent are not..

Rate = 3.5 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

krishna kishore,
Registered Member
  yes you have to submit ur originals but tell the

agent to hand over the documents by hand not by post .we know how perfectly our postal dept works

now go through an agent u can return u the do

... Full advice ...
Rate = 3.5 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

Lata Verma,
Council Member
  Hi, Personally, I don't know. Bur here's a link:

At the bottom, there's drop-down menu named "Home Page". Under that they have listed the passport office which will issue t

... Full advice ...
Rate = 1.5 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

kiran mande,
Registered Member
  don;t go to any agents for getting passports.u get application and give in passport office only that application with necessary originals and duplicates(xerox copies). in passport office u have to giv

... Full advice ...
Rate = 1.5 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

 From:  Anonymous, Unknown, Jan/29/10 submitted on:
Subject:  ya y not i want to make a my frend n i want to be an acteres
Question:  i want to be an acteres how can i be plese can u tell me please

Rate = 1.5 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

nagesh n2,
Registered Member
  Ask Agent…

... Full advice ...
Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

 From:  Anonymous, Unknown, Jan/26/10 submitted on: Ask Agent
Subject:  male baby
Question:  i have a female baby of 7 years old.can i get a male baby by shivlingi seeds& putrajeevak seeds.

Rate = 2 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

Sawant Talwar,
Council Member
  its all ur general predictions mam ..

some women creates femal sperm ans other as male ..

so its not in our hands, so dont get worried abt all these things ...and just enjoy with ur family .

... Full advice ...
Rate = 1 (Rated by 2 Council Members)


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