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 From:  Anonymous, Unknown, Feb/22/10 submitted on:
Subject:  Query - IQAMA Validity Period?
Question:  Dear Sir,

I am Indian national working in Saudi Arabia.

I will be visiting Bahrain on visit visa dated 22nd March, for 07 days & my IQAMA (Residence Permit) is valid upto 10th August 2010.

I want to know, whether IQAMA validity is OK to return back to Saudi Arabia from Bahrain.

Please confirm.

Waiting for your favourable reply.



Rate = 3 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

Mohit Kohli,
Council Member
  As per my knowledge I think that it will be perfectly OK for you to return back to Saudi Arabia from Bahrain since ur IQAMA (Resident Visa) is valid upto 10th August 2010.

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Rate = 2 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

 From:  Beth R, Piscataway, Jan/29/10 submitted on:
Subject:  US Visa credentials
Question:  I am a US citizen and will be getting married in March to an Indian who is on H1. Is there any rules or restrictions we must do before or after marriage to apply for his citizenship here in US?

Rate = 3 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

Guru Kris,
Registered Member
  The normal process is a concurrent Petition 130/Adjustment of Status filing after you are married and have your recorded marriage certificate.

You can file for a work permit and a travel document w

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Rate = 2 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

 From:  anubhuti, india, Jan/15/10 submitted on:
Subject:  physical therapy
Question:  i just came to know that a non-U.S. graduate in physical therapy does not need to take TOEFL if his professional studies were carried out in english. please confirm.

Rate = 2 (Rated by 6 Council Members)

raghavan yr,
Council Member
  TOEFL is essential for all whose mother toungue is not English, or are native of English Speaking countries. One has take TOEFL if ur INDIAN. There are some univ in US which accept without TOEFL but

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Rate = 2 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

sambasivan s,
Council Member
  It is advisable to clear TOEFL. Most of the US universities insist on TOEFL scores. It is not tough. If u cannot pass TOEFL how will u succeed in MS.

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Rate = 1 (Rated by 3 Council Members)

 From:  priya, USA, Jan/13/10 submitted on:
Subject:  Eligible jobs for H4 visa holders in IT
Question:  i am on h4 visa ..I am feeling bored ...what all jobs can we do on h4.i have 3 yrs 0f IT experience

Rate = 2 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

sambasivan s,
Council Member
  I understand ur boredom. U cannot and should not work with H4 visa. U have to apply to USA companies and after getting appointment supported by H1B visa - then only u can work.

To get over the bo

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Rate = 2 (Rated by 3 Council Members)

raghavan yr,
Council Member
  u are not eligible for any regular /part time jobs. u may take admission for any course in the nearest univ/college, and thus be eligible for 20hrs/week jobs the better option would be to sit at hom

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Rate = 1.5 (Rated by 4 Council Members)

 From:  s ramakrishna, USA, Jan/10/10 submitted on: Ask Agent
Subject:  travels
Question:  i want tourist visa to visit u s place florida and orlando

Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

R S,
Council Member
  The visitor visa is nonimmigrant visa for persons desiring to enter the United States temporarily for business (B-1) or for pleasure, tourism or medical treatment (B-2). This is what is commonly call

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Rate = 1.5 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

sambasivan s,
Council Member
  U will have to apply for visitor visa which has to be supported by a relative of urs in USA. ur relative should give details of his financial status and an affidavit he will take care of ur stay/tour

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Rate = 1 (Rated by 1 Council Members)


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