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 From:  RANI RANI, HOUSTON, Oct/06/11 submitted on: Ammas.com
Subject:  Does anyone know about 'Ekkta Dimension ...
Question:  Does anyone know about 'Ekkta Dimension Architechure Pvt.Ltd.'

They are having a project named Ekkta Residency, located at shahapur near asangon station. I want to know , if anyone has any clue regarding this project.

Is it ok to invest for this project ?

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Preetha N,
Featured Member
  Dear Rani, Ekkta residency is located in shahapur near Asangon station. This is the best location for purchase of flat. The future value of flat in this area is unimaginable since this is the prim

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 From:  Matt Walker, UK, Jul/24/11 submitted on: Ammas.com
Subject:  real estate
Question:  property search agent London

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Leena Daniel,
Council Member
  As per the advertisement ,A leader in the profession since 1995, London Property Search is one of the longest established and experienced search agencies in the industry. for more info-http://property

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 From:  laxminarayana, india, Mar/06/11 submitted on: Ammas.com
Subject:  what is the land rate at narapally ( 6 k...
Question:  what is the land rate at narapally ( 6 kms, from uppal) in hyderabad,? We want to buy a plot of 200 sq.yrds. Thanks in advance.

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Sagar b More,
Registered Member
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  Mr, Laxmi narayana Basically i am in Mumbai the rules in maharashtra or mumbai are different in Bangalore you will have to take advice from local consultant

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 From:  jose panamkulathukaran, mumbai, Feb/07/11 submitted on: Ammas.com
Subject:  i have 1 bhk flat at mira road just 1400...
Question:  i have 1 bhk flat at mira road just 1400000 -

i saw the above message. could you give more information on the above as i am interested in the above


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Saggar Bhalchandra More,
Registered Member
  please give details of your flat de tails whic are not saitisfied you want to sell/rent Monas Estate 9322356340

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 From:  Anonymous, Unknown, Jan/16/11 submitted on: Ammas.com
Subject:  looking for 4 bdroom furnished apt for a...
Question:  looking for 4 bdroom furnished apt for a month near Anna Nagar to take care of my mother while i amstaying in Chennai

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Nagarajan S,
Council Member
  I will give some Flats/apartments are available for rental at Anna Nagar/Anna Nagar Western Extn. below: 1)4Bedroom 3 Toilets first floor apartment. Near Anna Nagar West Bus Terminus. Living, Dining

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Gowri Raman,
Council Member
  Hi The website www.sulekha.com has posted several such properties for rent. You can visit the website and get in touch with the suitable advertisers.

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