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 From:  Prabhakara Rao Kuppili, VISHAKHAPATNAM, Oct/07/11 submitted on:
Subject:  Bridegroom - 11-07-1978, 12.30 PM, Visha...
Question:  Bridegroom - 11-07-1978, 12.30 PM, Vishakapatnam. Bride - 18-09-1984, 6.40 AM, Kakinda. Does they lead happy married life? Are there any problems with bridegrooms parents and family? Is the bridegroom seek other women and tries to extract finances?

Rate = 3 (Rated by 3 Council Members)

Dr.Krishnendu Chakraborty,
Council Member

GOOD POINTS: 1.The Ashtokut matcfhing between the boy and girl scored 25 marks. It is good.

2. The Venus of the boy and the Mars of the girl are placed in 4th-10th position of each other

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Rate = 3.5 (Rated by 6 Council Members)

Preetha N,
Council Member
  According to Bridegroom and Brides guna millan matches they got 24 points out of 36 points. Suitable matching Gunas: The boy belongs to Kshatriya varna and the girl comes under vaishya. This is a ver

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Rate = 3 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

Aiyaaz Sheik,
Council Member
  Bridegroom: Nakshatra:Uttara Phalguni, Libra Lagna, Leo Rashi (Moon Sign)

Bride: Nakshatra: Mrigasira, Virgo Lagna, Taurus Rashi (Moon Sign)

Compatibility Prospects: The Moons of the Bridegroom and

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Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 5 Council Members)

James Cunningham,
Registered Member
  The marriage will be like a rollercoaster ride. Happy than sad.fighting than getting along.Constantly.Bridegrooms parents will be OK The family will not.Bridegroom will seek other woman for financia

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Rate = 2 (Rated by 3 Council Members)

 From:  Naresh, India, Oct/01/11 submitted on:
Subject:  What is the solution if the nadi of male...
Question:  What is the solution if the nadi of male is AAdh & the nadi of the girl is also Aadh? Should they go ahead with the marriage?

Rate = 3 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

Preetha N,
Council Member
  Nadi is one of the important Kootas in matching making for the purpose of marriage in Vedic Astrology . It indicates health compatibility & out of 36 points in marital match making 8 points are given

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Rate = 2 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

 From:  anup, India, Sep/30/11 submitted on:
Subject:  marriage astrology
Question:  Hi sir, i am a manglik boy dob 30 nov 1987, tob 5:20 am New delhi &girl is non manglik dob 16 jan 1987 tob 00:33 am New Delhi.Can we get married?

Rate = 3 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

Dr.Krishnendu Chakraborty,
Council Member
  The asthokut Milan has scored 18 marks. You can marry the girl after cut off the manglik dosha by Puja, Homan/Yogya and Japa of nine planet, special Puja, Homan/Yogya and Japa of Mars and Bagalamukhi

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Rate = 2 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

 From:  Magesh, chennai, Sep/21/11 submitted on:
Subject:  marriage star
Question:  HI, I am Magesh from chennai. I have a query to you, I hear that often people saying girl with moola star will affect groom's dad. Is this true. I am really confused. Please i need a clarification. Thanks in Advance

Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

Preetha N,
Council Member
  Dear Mahesh, The meaning of the word Moola is ROOT. The symbol for this star allocated by the Rishis is a bunch of roots. The root is next to the seed or it is the foundation. It is the e

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Rate = 3 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

 From:  shibu, india, Sep/20/11 submitted on:
Subject:  marriage astro
Question:  hi my name is abc, my dob is 04-03-1982 time is 14:5 pm pls let me know is my arrange or love marrage , as some asto told me that i hav love maarige but my love life is not going good.

Rate = 2 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

Dr.Krishnendu Chakraborty,
Council Member
  for calculation in astrology date of birth, time of birth and place of birth are necessary. So please submit a new query with your full details.

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Rate = 2 (Rated by 1 Council Members)


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