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There are no pending questions in the India section. However, you can browse the most recent advice from this section below.

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 From:  kumar, India, Oct/03/11 submitted on:
Subject:  Question is not clear.
Question:  Who is the best B2B travel company in India.

Rate = 1 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

akash mehta,
Registered Member
  IndiaMART AT express Travel ChaCha

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Rate = 5 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

 From:  Anonymous, India, Aug/05/11 submitted on:
Subject:  name of place

Here is the question: Where is pune

Rate = 2.5 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

prasad maradani,
Featured Member
  Ask Agent
  Pune is in Maharashtra State of India.

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Rate = 4 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

sreejith ,
Registered Member
  pune is in maharatra .is a big city

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Rate = 4 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

 From:  syeda hassana, India, Apr/26/11 submitted on:
Subject:  Complaint for the delay of passport I...
Question:  Complaint for the delay of passport I applied for passport on December 28,2010(File No.HYD-W605986-10).Police verification was completed in the month of January and the status on the RPO website reads,"It is to regret that due to unavoidable circumstances the despatch of Passport has been delayed and will now be despatched in a week's time"The status has remained same for the last several months.So,please take into your kind consideration. HASSANA SYEDA ,

Rate = 3 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

sambasivan s,
Council Member
  Hello Syeda Hassana !

You seem to have applied for your passport in Hyderabad. Please visit passport office in person and enquire. Also give a letter in writing about the delay.

There may be a lap

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Rate = 3 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

 From:  ravi, Mumbai, Dec/13/10 submitted on:
Subject:  Shifting to Trivandrum ! Dear Ammas r...
Question:  Shifting to Trivandrum !

Dear Ammas readers,

I'll be shifting to Trivandrum, in a weeks time from Mumbai. As I'm new to Kerala, need your help in following things. 1. Which is the best locality to stay ? I'll be working in Techno Park. 2. Locality should be more cosmo with all necessary ammenities which my wife and son (16 months old) would need. 3. Is langauage the major issue ? I know English, Hindi and Marathi. 4. How about malls and all popular brand shops in trivandrum ? I heard there are NO malls there 5. Public transport and Auto Rickshaws are they safe ? Do they loot customers like they in Chennai ? 6. Any additional tips or suggestion will help.

Rate = 4 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

sabu ,
Registered Member

you can take flats nearby technopark,or can take a rental home in kazhakkuttam or can easily find out flats and houses from quicker,or olx and 99 the max a 2bh

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Rate = 3 (Rated by 3 Council Members)

 From:  Anonymous, India, Oct/06/10 submitted on:
Subject:  Can you please answer this question?

Here is the question: Largest city in India

Rate = 3 (Rated by 2 Council Members)

Suresh Chandra Gupta,
Council Member
  Mumbai is the largest city in India based on commerce and population. Delhi is the largest city based on land area.

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Rate = 5 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

Nagarajan S,
Council Member
  Mumbai is the largest city in India whit the population of 1,63,68,000. Kolkatta is the 2nd largest city in India with the population of 1,32,17,000.

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Rate = 4.5 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

Sunder Venkataram,
Council Member
  Mumbai is the largest city in India with a population of 16,368,000.

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Rate = 3.5 (Rated by 1 Council Members)

Kranthi Kumar,
Council Member
  Mumbai stands in the first place with highest population and Delhi follows it. Mumbai 12691836 Delhi 10927986

Good Luck!

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Rate = 2 (Rated by 1 Council Members)


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