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 From:  Swathi K, -, Jun/28/11 submitted on: Ask Agent
Subject:  how to make soft toys (teddybear)
Question:  Hi All, I have to make a soft toy (small teddybear) for my baby. Please tell me what all materials i require for it. Suggest me some websites for this task & how can i get the cutting to make a teddybear...

I am interesting in making it...

Please help me in this...

Thanks in advance Swathi.

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Neel Shah,
Registered Member
  Your baby's skin is tender and soft, so rather than give your child a hard plastic toy or a toy that could hurt their skin, make them a soft toy instead. Fleece is an affordable fabric which, combined

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 From:  SarojaParthasarathy, India, Mar/05/11 submitted on: Ammas.com
Subject:  i want to know how to draw the chudidhar...
Question:  i want to know how to draw the chudidhar pant in the paper so that i can try stitching it.

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My Advice,
Council Member

Learn on below given sites...




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 From:  Anonymous, South Africa, Jan/29/11 submitted on: AnswerPod.com
Subject:  How to build a water gun

Here is the question: How to build a water gun?

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wilfred jacob,
Council Member
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  This is an inexpensive and easy way to make your very own water gun from things you can buy at a hardware store. Any child or adult can use one, because, since you make it yourself, you can choose the

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 From:  rafia, UAE, Jan/26/11 submitted on: Ammas.com
Subject:  how to cut and sew collars on salwarkame...
Question:  how to cut and sew collars on salwarkameez

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Malleeswari GVN,
Council Member

Go through the link attached. It contains the method along with pictorial illustrations. I could not copy and paste them here directly.


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 From:  Shefali Paradker, United Arab Emirates, Jan/23/11 submitted on: Ammas.com
Subject:  Hobby classes in dubai...
Question:  Hobby classes in dubai

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wilfred jacob,
Council Member
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  There a list of hobby classes on UAE * Beading classes * Cooking classes * Dog & Puppy Training classes * Farm classes * Gardening classes

* Interior design classes * Knit

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