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Map source: The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia
Columbia University Press, Copyright 1995.

Amma was born in a small village (by Indian standards) located about 30 kilometers outside of Vijayawada, in the South Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.

She comes from a long line of powerful women, known for their strength both in and outside the kitchen. Her grandmother ("Ammamma") was a freedom fighter and revolutionary. After her death, the villagers erected a statue of her in the village square. She is especially remembered for her efforts to protect women's rights.

Amma's Amma was also a devout Gandhian who would sometimes travel 300 kilometers by bullock cart to attend Gandhi-ji's political gatherings. She was also well-known for her Kalagoora Pulusu (mixed vegetables in tamarind sauce) and dry fish or mutton curries which she would prepare for the field hands during the rice-threshing season (known as Kuppalu).

Today Amma lives in Hyderabad. She has two children, a son in New York City and a daughter who is married and living in New Zealand (from where Amma's Web Site is officially operated). Her daughter herself became an Amma -- and Amma became an Ammamma -- in February of 1997.

Amma's Recipes Web Site began in October 1996. Amma started the site by offering three recipes per week for free, but was soon overwhelmed with emails and recipe requests (sometimes receiving as many as 100 per month). Today the site is expanding rapidly, and may soon become one of the largest cooking sites on the Internet.

"The key to good cooking," says Amma, "is the desire to see others enjoy your food." She may not be able to cook for you over the Internet, but she certainly hopes you enjoy her recipes.

--Amma's Recipes
December, 1999

About Amma
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