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How does the Publisher's Program work?
Just sign up, place a code snippet on your website or blog, and start earning money. You get paid for the questions or answers your site generates -- the more and better questions and answers you generate, the more you earn.

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What other benefits are there for my website or blog?
Our Publisher's Program gives you the option to brand the content. And not just the Q&A pages -- but every time a query is generated by your site, emails with your brand can go out to our entire network of users who have an interest in that category. And meanwhile, each question and answer produces a new web page with quality-vetted, relevant information indexed by all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, etc) -- which brings still more new users to your webspace and brand. All data generated by your affiliate code, including registrations, is yours to keep. And the Publisher's Program allows you to monitor your earnings and other statistics.

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