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    Acceptable search keywords are:
  1. Comma-separated list of words. For e.g., "baby, diaper, rash" (do not enter the quotation marks)
  2. Space delimited list of words. For e.g., "acne problem" (do not enter the quotation marks)
  3. Words separated by logical operators: AND, OR, NOT or by Wildcards: ?, *, [], {}, ^, -
  4. Case sensitive? Yes? No? Both!: If a keyword contains only upper case letters or only lower case letters, then NOT case sensitive; if it contains both upper case and lower case letters, then case sensitive
  5. Intelligent? Yes, sort of.
    Some examples:
  1. sea, fish: search for those articles that contain "sea" or "fish"
  2. sea fish: search for the exact phrase "sea fish"
  3. Logical operators
    • sea AND fish: search for those that contain "sea" and "fish"
    • sea NOT fish: search for those contains "sea" and does not contain "fish"
    • (sea OR lake) AND fish: sea OR lake to be evaluated first
  4. Wildcards
    • sea?: matches seas, seal but not sea
    • sea*: matches sea and all words starting with sea
    • sea[st]: matches seat and seas, but not sea, seam or search
    • sea{m,rch}: matches seam and search, but not seat, sea, or seal
    • sea[^st]: matches seam and seal but not seat or seas
    • sea[a-z]: matches all possible combination of sea followed by one single letter
  5. Sea fish: matches Sea Fish, Sea fish, Sea fIsH, but not sea fish, or SEA fish
  6. sea: matches sea and seas, but not seal, seat or search


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