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-- Happy Momma

Dessert : Boondi Laddu

Number of servings: 5


List of ingredients:
For the Batter
2 cups besan  
a pinch soda bi carb  
5 strands saffron  
½ cup hot water  
For the Syrup
2 ½ cups sugar  
1 ½ cups water  
a handful cashews roasted in ghee  
a handful almonds roasted in ghee  
5 -6 cloves roasted in ghee  

Cooking procedure
For the Syrup

Dissolve the sugar in water and heat it. When the syrup thickens, drop a little in about ¼ cup water and see if it floats. If it does, then the syrup has reached the right consistency. Keep warm.

For the Batter

Mix soda-bi-carb and besan (chick pea flour). Drop the saffron in the hot water. Mix it, and let it slightly dissolve. Pour it into the flour and make a semi - liquidy dough with water. Heat oil in a frying pan. Keep the boondi ladle (one with holes in it) over the oil. Now pour some batter over the ladle. Tap it gently and let droplets fall into the oil. Let them cook, but make sure they don’t change colour. Remove them and immediately drop them in the sugar syrup. Do so with the rest of the batter.


Add the cashew nuts, almonds and cloves to the boondi and syrup. Let it cool enough. Make small laddus and enjoy!
Any additional information:
If you dont like it too sweet, you can decrease the amount of sugar to 1 1/2 to 2 cups. The amount of water also needs to be reduced.

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