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-- Happy Momma

Dessert : Badam Halwa

Number of servings: 3

List of ingredients:
2 cups almonds  
2 cups milk  
1 cup ghee  
1 cup sugar  

Cooking procedure
Take a microwave proof container, place your almonds and pour water to totally immerse them. Now microwave on high for 3 - 4 minutes. Drain the water, and remove skin. Make a coarse paste of the almonds using very little milk. Now heat ghee in a kadai and add this paste. Mix well. Now add your milk and keep stirring constantly till the milk has reduced in consistency and your Halwa is quite thick. Now add your sugar and stir well. Be careful as, at this point, your Halwa will spurt all over the place. Keep stirring till all the sugar has dissolved. Let it cool.

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