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-- Happy Momma

Breads : Plain Paratha

Number of servings: 6


List of ingredients:
2 cups whole wheat flour  
salt to taste  
a few spoons melted ghee or butter  
1 cup warm water  

Cooking procedure
Make a nice thick dough with flour and salt using enough water. Knead the dough well. You can add 2 – 3 spoons ghee or butter while kneading the dough. Cover and keep in a warm place for about 2 – 3 hours, or even longer. Now knead the dough well. Make into large lemon sized balls. Roll them into roti with a rolling pin. Now spread 1 spoon melted ghee or butter, and fold the roti into 2. Again spread some ghee or butter and fold it. Now roll it out to form a nice round shape using a rolling pin. Heat the tawa, and cook the paratha on both sides using 1 –2 spoons butter or ghee. Do so with the rest of the balls. Serve hot with any side dish of your choice.
Any additional information:
After you are done cooking them, make sure you keep them in a casserole or an igloo or a hot pack. Keep them closed. Usually what happens is that the paratha at the bottom, gets all moist and soggy because of the heat. As you place your parathas in the container, place the newly made paratha at the bottom, and place the one on the bottom at the top. This way, all your parathas will be moist and nice, and at the same time don’t get soggy.

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