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-- Happy Momma

Mexican : Vegetable Quesedillas

Number of servings: 2

This is my version of Quesedillas. I’ve use salt and pepper in mine, just to spice it up a little. You dont have to use them if you dont want to.  

List of ingredients:
2 flour or corn tortillas  
1/8 cup chopped long – avacado (remove skin)  
1/8 cup chopped long – onion  
1/8 cup chopped long – zuccini  
1/8 cup chopped long – tomatoes  
1/8 cup chopped long – capsicum(bell pepper)  
1/8 cup corn  
3 spoons olive oil  
a little pepper  
a little salt  
½ cup queso quesedilla cheese or any mexican cheese  
To Serve
3 spoons finely grated cabbage and lettuce  
1/4 cup tomato salsa  
1/4 cup guacamole  
3 large spoons sour cream  

Cooking procedure
Mix all the above vegetables, add the olive oil, salt, pepper and microwave for about 3 – 4 minutes or till cooked. (They don’t do this in the Restaurants). Add the tomatoes and the corn towards the end; otherwise they will become mushy.

Heat the tawa, place one tortilla and let it get hot, turn the side and heat. Repeat for the other tortilla.

Keep the tortilla in a microwaveable plate. Sprinkle a layer of cheese on it. Then add the vegetable mixture and sprinkle the rest of the cheese. Place the other tortilla on top. Microwave till the cheese melts.

Cut into wedges. To serve, take a plate, make a small layer of the lettuce and cabbage in one side and put 3 dollops of sour cream on top.

Put a few spoons of guacamole, and a small cup of tomato salsa on either side of it.

In the other side, keep ½ of the quesedillas. Repeat for the next plate.
Any additional information:
You can use any of the Mexican blend cheeses that are available in the market.

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