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-- Happy Momma

Snacks : Chikki (Peanut Burfi )

Number of servings: 5

  A sweet, crunchy anytime snack.  

List of ingredients:
2 cups pea nuts  
1 cup jaggery (molasses)  
a little water  

Cooking procedure
Dry roast the peanuts till golden brown. Remove the skin and keep aside. Heat water in a deep pan and add jaggery, and stir. Take a little of the syrup in your hand between your pointing finger and thumb. The syrup should expand without breaking. If your syrup reaches this consistency, add the roasted peanuts and mix well. Immediately remove from fire and pour into a broad vessel greased with ghee. Let it cool, and cut into pieces.
Storage tips:
Will stay fine for 3 – 4 weeks.
Any additional information:
This same procedure can be followed for cashews. But use sugar instead of jaggery (molasses).

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