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-- Happy Momma

Snacks : Kaara Pusa

Number of servings: 10

List of ingredients:
2 cups besan  
5 spoons chilli powder  
a handful ajwaayen  
1 green chilli  
3 spoons butter  
salt to taste  

Cooking procedure
Make a fine paste of the chilli. Add this and all the other ingredients well with water to make a thick dough. Put the dough in the mould. Heat oil in a frying pan, hold the mould over the oil and press so that the dough falls directly into the oil. Be careful while doing so, ‘coz the oil might splitter. Fry till golden brown and place on paper napkins. You kaara pusa is ready to be enjoyed.
Storage tips:
Kaara pusa can be stored in an airtight container for upto a few months.

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