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-- Happy Momma

Snacks : Dosa

Preparation time: 1days
Number of servings: 10


List of ingredients:

Cooking procedure
Soak 4 cups boiled rice, and one-cup toor dal separately overnight or atleast 5 – 8 hours. Wet grind the rice to a smooth paste. Wet grind the dal with 1 spoon of methi seeds. Add salt and mix both the flours well. Let this ferment overnight or atleast 8 – 10 hours. Make sure you use a large vessel b’coz the batter will rise. Your dosa batter is ready.

Make sure your batter is ground to a very fine paste. Only then will your dosas come thin and crisp. Make sure your pan is neither too hot nor too cold. Cut an onion, and rub on the pan before pouring the batter. Do this for every dosa.
Storage tips:
This batter can be refrigerated for a week

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