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-- Happy Momma

Side Dish : Osili

Number of servings: 4


List of ingredients:
½ cup chana dal  
½ cup toor dal  
5 red chillies  
a pinch asafetida  
salt to taste  
Popu (seasoning)
3 spoons oil  
½ spoon mustard seeds  
½ spoon chana dal  
½ spoon urad dal  
½ spoon jeera  

Cooking procedure
Soak both toor and chana dal in water for 1 hour. Meanwhile boil or steam beans or kothavareanga. After an hour rinse the dal and grind it to a paste with Red chillies, salt, & asafetida. Now steam the dal in an idli thattu till it becomes thick like an idli. After steaming, take the grinded dal out and break it with u'r hands. By then your beans or kothavanga will be ready.

Then take a tawa pour oil add mustard, jeera, chana dal and urad dal. When the mustard seeds begin to splitter mix beans with the steamed dal And add turmeric fry it with oil in the tawa thats it your osili is ready to eat.

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