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Achu Murruku(pushpa kantha)

Number of servings: N/A


List of ingredients:
400 grams rice flour(pacharasi)  
100 grams sugar  
coconut milk or egg  
1 tsp sesame  

Cooking procedure
1. Mix the rice flour and sugar.

2. Mix coconut milk or egg with the flour or and make it into a batter like dosa batter.

3. Heat Oil in a pan.

4. Take the achu and dip it the oil first and then dip it into the batter till its achu is half immersed.

5. Then keep it in the oil and fry. If that does not come out of the achu easily you can use a small stick to take it out.

Storage tips:
You can store it in a airtight container as it will come for nearly a month.

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