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Chocolate ice cream

Number of servings: 5

Homemade chocolate icecream!!!  

List of ingredients:
800 ml milk  
2 tablespoons cornflour  
1 tbsp cocoa powder  
200 grams fresh cream  
6 Tbsp sugar  
1 tsp vanilla essence  
few fried almonds chopped  

Cooking procedure
1 Beat and keep the fresh cream.

2. Mix the cornflour and cocoa in 3/4 cup of cold milk.

3.Mix the remaining milk, cococa mixture,cream and sugar and boil until the mixture thickens.

4. Cool the above mixture and add vanilla essence to it.

5. Pour it into a bowl and keep it in freezer.

6. When its almost set take it out and beat it with fork.

7. Keep it gain inside to set.

8. Again when its set take out and beat it with fork.

9. Third time do the same thing.

10 . Before serveing,remove at least 10 mins in advance.

11. Sprinkle almonds over the ice cream and serve.


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