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Sorbet (Ice Cream Maker Method)

Number of servings: 1

List of ingredients:

Cooking procedure
1. Process the fruit to a puree. 2. If you are making a berry sorbet, run the puree thru a sieve to remove the seeds. 3. Process again with sweetner and flavour enhancers. 4. Chill until cold 5. Freeze according to the manufacturer's instructions. 6. If using a liqueur, add it during the last min of the freezing process, because the alchohol will slow the process. 7. Return the sorbet to the freezer in a covered dish until firm.
Any additional information:
1. Each sorbet recipes work with either of the two methods of sorbet maing (still freeze method or ice cream maker method) 2. When making a sorbet it is best to use the seasonal ripe fruits; however, frozen fruit may be substituted. The traditional method of sorbet making is to puree the fruit of choice, then puree it again with simple syrup for sweetness and consistency. Freeing diminishes the sweetness of the sorbet, so keep this in mind when tasting the mixture befor final processing.

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