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Tomato ketchup

Number of servings: N/A

Homemade tomato ketchup  

List of ingredients:
1 liter tomato juice  
50 grams onion  
10 grams garlic  
1 tsp pepper powder  
1 tsp clove,cardamom cinnaman, jeera powdered together  
1 tsp chilli powder  
100 grams sugar  
6 ml vinegar  
2 tsp salt  
1 pinch sodium bezoniate(s.b.)  

Cooking procedure
1. Boil the onion and garlic ,Grind it and take its juice.

2. In a pan heat the tomato juice and onion & garlic juice, add 1/3 of the sugar.

3. In a piece of cloth tie all the masala ingredients(pepper powder,cloves,cardamom,jeera powdered,chilli powder)

4.Add this tied cloth into the tomato juice thats boiling.

5. cook till the tomato juice reduces 1/3.

6. Remove the peice of tied cloth. squeeze to take out the juices in it.

7. Add the rest of the sugar and salt to the tomato jucie and cook till its 1/3rd.

8. Add vinegar and cook for 2 mins and remove from the flame.

9. Mix the S.B. (this is a preservative to keep the ketchup last longer)

10. Let it cool down. Put store in a jar.

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