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Double Ka Meetha

Number of servings: 4

Double ka meetha, is a well known and very weel liked by people. It is basically a Hyderabadi recipe. Enjoy the recipe.  

List of ingredients:
1 loaf bread (small)  
1 lt milk  
1/2 kg sugar  
250g double cream  
250g clarified butter  
100g chopped and roasted cashewnuts  
100g almonds (soaked and chopped fine)  
10g saffron  
5 cardamoms powdered  

Cooking procedure
1. Cut each bread slice into four pieces. Fry them in clarified butter till golden brown. 2. Make a sugar syrup by adding half a litre of water to the sugar and boil it for 15 minutes. 3. Add the powdered cardamom and the saffron dissolved in milk to the sugar syrup. 4. Boil milk until it is thickened. 5. Arrange the fried bread pieces on a flat tray and sprinkle the chopped nuts on them. 6. Pour the sugar syrup, double cream and milk alternately over the bread pieces while they are still hot. 7. Refrigerate and serve as dessert.
Any additional information:
A prefect recipe for parties.

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