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Number of servings: 4

Dish with vegetables. Famous south Indian Dish.  

List of ingredients:
4 drumsticks  
1/4 sp turmeric powder  
2 raw plaintains(bananas)  
1/4 tsp peppercorns  
1 tsp. cumin seeds  
3 brinjals  
50 grams beans  
50 grams peas  
1 cup thick sour butter milk  
5 tb coconut oil  
1 coconut  
a few curry leaves  
6 green chillies.  

Cooking procedure
1. First grind the coconut, green chillies, cumin seeds and peppercorn into paste. 2. Cut all the vegetables into 2 cms long pieces. 3. In a deep pan cook the vegetables with water,salt and turmeric powder. 4. Remove the excess water from the vegetables. 5.Mix the grinded paste with butter milk ans pour it over the vegetables. 6. cook for few mins in low heat, add curry leaves and coconuts oil(you can also use ginger oil). 7. serve along with cooked rice.

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