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Number of servings: 3

Pulusu is a common made dish in Andhra and is prefred by every person. It is very tasty with onions and tomatoes and sweet poataoes in it with a seasoning added to it.  

List of ingredients:
6 cups water  
tamarind of a big lemon size  
1 medium sweet potato, peeled if desired and cut into small rounds.  
1 medium tomato, made into 6 pieces  
1 medium onion, made into 6 pieces  
1/2 cup cooked plain dal ( made with tor dal,without adding salt)  
seasoning with mustard, jeera, dried red chillies, asafoetida  
a few corriander leaves  
a few curry leaves  
1 1/2tablespoons chilli powder  
salt to taste  
2 tablespoons sugar or jaggery  
2 tablespoons chana flour  
3-4 pieces of drumsticks  

Cooking procedure
1. In a vessel, soak the tamarind in water for sometime so that it becomes soft and the juice of it can extracted into the water by throwing away the pulp of it. 2. Add salt and sugar/jagerry to the water to which the tamarind pulp has been added. Finally add the plain dal to it. 3. Add the tomatoes, onions, drumsticks and sweet potatoes. 4. Start, cooking the whole mixture on medum flame. 5. Cover the vessel with a lid to 3/4ths. Let the pulusus be cooked for 20mins, with the ocver so that the sweet potatoes,onions,drumsticks and tomatoes get well cooked. 6. Whne thye r done add the chana flour to wtaer in a cup and add the liquid to the pulusu mixture. 7. Add the chilli powder too. 8. Make the seasoning in a separate pan in cooking oil and mix it too. 9. Let the whole liquid be cooked for 10mins. 10. Before turning off add the corriander and curry leaves and serve hot.

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