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Chicken Briyani

Number of servings: 2

Its Chicken dhum Briyani that can be done with oven. It tastes exactly like how we get in hotels.  

List of ingredients:
1 cup basmati rice  
2 onion  
1 tomatoes (finely chopped)  
1 small bunch coriamder leaves  
1 small bunch pudhina leaves  
4 to 5 briyani leaves  
1 samll stick cinnamon  
1 sp ginger and garlic paste  
2 cloves  
2 cardamom  
4 tsp oil  
1 tsp salt  
11/4 tsp chilli powder  
3 green chillies  
1/2 pound chicken  

Cooking procedure
1. Take the dry spices, like cardamom, clove etc and grind it to powder.

2. Pour oil in the vessel, after warming, add the powdered spices.

3. Add cut onions, garlic and whole green chillies in the oil and let it turn goldn brown..

4. Add chilli powder or if you have briyani masala, it would be good too.

5. Add sliced tomatoes and and chicken to the above mix and close the vessel. v 6. once chicken is cooked, measure the liquid part of the contents.

7. Add enough rice and water (sufficiently reduced to take into account the liquid part of masala)

8.Tightly close the vessel, and let the rice get cooked. dont remove the often.

9.When the rice is cooked to about 90%, remove the vessel.

10.Add corainder leaves and fresh mint leaves and mix it with the rice.

11.Close the vessel and put it inside the pre heated oven (325 F)

12.Leave it for 10 mins and switch off the

13.Depending on consistency, you may choose to leave the vessel in the oven

Thats it briyani is ready

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