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Guththi Vankaya Curry (stuffed binjal)

Number of servings: 2

Guththi vankaya is a well known curry in Andhra. For most of the festivals and occassions this curry is made.  

List of ingredients:
2 medium sized brinjals  
for stuffing:  
2 tablespoons corriander seeds  
10 tablespoons black gram  
dried red chiliies  
salt to taste  
oil to cook  

Cooking procedure
1. Slit the brinjals with their stalks, by 3/4 without cutting them completely,into 4. The stuffing will be inserted in the gap formed by slitting the brinjal. 2. Heat oil in a kadai and place the brinjals in the oil. 3. Cook in low flame by covering the kadai with a lid and by turning the brinjals in all the 4 directions so that the brinjal gets well cooked. 4. When the brinjal is cooked stuff the brinjals. 5. Inoder to stuff, fry the corrinader seeds and black gram and dried red chillies and grind them into a paste ina mixie, by adding salt accordinly. 6. Stuff the brinjals and cook them again in the oil for 5 mins in low flame by covering the vessel with a lid. 7. Server hot.

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