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Number of servings: 2

Ariselu is a wel known recipe in South India, especially in Andhra Pradesh. These are made for occassions like marriages. It has got a lot of iron content in them as more of jaggery is added to it.  

List of ingredients:
1 cup rice flour  
1 cup jaggery  
a few sesame seeds  
oil to fry  

Cooking procedure
1. Soak uncooked rice in water and let it be soaked for 2 hours atleast. 2. Dry the rice completely and grind the rice into fine flour. 3. Take a vessel and put the jaggery in it. 3. Add a liitle water(1/4 cup) so that the jaggery dissolves in water and forms a syrup. 4. Let the jaggery form into syrup until it forms a thread when dropped in water. 5. The mix the rice flour in it. 6. Then when done it formd chalividi. 7. Make the chalividi into balls and press the balls to form discs on a polythene with the help of oil. 8. Dip both the sides of the discs made in sesame seeds, so that the a few seeds stick to the discs. 9. Deep fry the discs and ur ariselu are ready to serve.

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