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Rava Laddu

Number of servings: 2

A sweet made and can be offered to god in during any festival.  

List of ingredients:
1 cup rava (semolina coarse)  
1 cup sugar (granulated)  
a few cashews  
a few kismiss  
around 1/4 cup milk.  

Cooking procedure
1. Fry the rava for a while in a tawa by adding a little ghee. 2. When the rava is roasted completely without having any raw taste as sugar to it. 3. Stir both of them for a while and then turn off the stove. 4. Fry the kismiss and the cashews in ghee. 5. Add the kismiss and cashews to the mixture of rava and sugar. 6. Pour a little milk first to make the laddus. If needed then add more of milk. 7. Donot add much milk as the mixture will come to pouring consistency. 8. Make the mixture into small balls.
Storage tips:
Preserve in an air tight container.

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