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Asoka's Kitchen - recipes from Sri Lanka and New Zealand
-- Asoka Basnayake


Number of servings: 8

Watalappan is a popular Sri Lankan dessert of Malay origin. A Sri Lankan biriyani (buriani) meal is not complete without serving watalappan as a dessert. Different people make it differently and the quanitities used may vary. I have obtained this recipe from a Malay friend years ago and still use it with very good feedback. If Sri Lankan jaggery is not available, one can use Malaysian jaggery with good results  

List of ingredients:
8 medium eggs  
1 lb jaggery  
1 cup very thick coconut milk  
1/4 tsp finely grated or powdered nutmeg  
100 gms sultanas  
100 gms roasted whole cashews or cashew pieces  

Cooking procedure
Lightly spray a 2 litre pyrex or metal bowl and get ready a steamer which will fit in the bowl for steaming.

Disslove the grated jaggery in coconut milk. Whisk the eggs well. Combine the jaggery mixture with eggs. Flavour with the nutmeg and pour into prepared bowl. Add some sultanas. Cover the bowl with foil well. Steam for one hour until the custard is set. Cool and unmould onto a serving plate and garnish with rest of the sultanas and cashew pieces.

This can be baked in a medium oven (180 deg centigrade) for about 45 mts - 1 hour. For best results, keep the bowl in a tray of hot water and bake.
Storage tips:
Can be made upto 3 days ahead and stored in fridge in a covered container. The flavour improves with a days storage
Any additional information:
You can also use powdered cardomon as a flavouring or a mix of both nutmeg and cardamon

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