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Number of servings: 3

A very famous pickle in India, especially South India.  

List of ingredients:
1 medium sized raw mango  
1 cup chilli powder  
1cup mustard powder  
3/4 cup salt  
a few grains of fenugreek (methi)  
oil accordingly  
a pinch of turmeric  

Cooking procedure
1. Cut mango along with seed into medium sized pieces. 2. Mix the mustard powder and chilli powder and salt, finally turmeric. 3. Add the mixture of powders to the cut mango pieces. 4. Add sufficient oil to it and mix thoroughly. 5. Add the fenugreek seeds to it finally. 6. Store it in a container. 7. Mix the pickle the next day again. Likewise for 2 days.
Storage tips:
The pickle will remain best if stored in glass or porcelein containers.

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