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Number of servings: 5

Special devapavali dish made in all tamilans home!  

List of ingredients:
rice flour(2 cups)  
jaggery(powdered-1 cup)  
water(1/2 cup)  
cardomom powder(1 tsp)  
ghee(1/2 tsp)  
oil to fry  

Cooking procedure
Melt the jaggery in water till it reaches the desired consistency.(see test for consistency below). Add cardomom & ghee to the gravy and mix again. Make the mixture into flat patties and deep fry in oil.

Test for the right consistency : 1. If you put a little melted jaggery in a little water, it should roll up into a soft ball. 2. If you hit the ball on the vessel, it should produce a metallic sound. 3. Immediately turn the stove off and pour it on the flour. 4. Mix becomes a thick gravy. 5. Even if the gravy is watery, it will harden eventually on stirring.

Storage tips:
1. The whole deep frying process should be done on low heat. 2. The gravy can be refrigerated in an air-tight container and can be used for making fresh adhirasams for about a week's time.

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