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Sarada Prithipal's Kitchen
-- Sarada Prithipal

Curd Rice

Number of servings: 4

This dish is easy to make and good for any parties  

List of ingredients:
For the rice
2 cups rice  
2 cups milk  
2 cups curd  
1 teaspoon salt  
2 in number red chillies  
1 teaspoon musatrd  
1 teaspoon oil  
1/4 tsp asafoetida  
1/2 tsp finely chopped ginger  
For Garnishing
1 few curry leaves  
2 few coriander leaves  

Cooking procedure
Cook rice untill very very soft in a pressure cooker.

Mash the rice well.

Add the milk and salt to it.

Heat oil in a kadai.

Add the mustard ,red chillies ,green chillies,then ginger, curry leaves and asafoetida

Mix the seasoning to the rice.

When the rice is cooled add the curd and mix well without lumps and garnish with fresh coriander leaves
Storage tips:
Add just a teaspoon of curd instead of 2 cups curd to the rice if you are in a tropical country. Do not mix salt. This rice will not get spoilt for two days and it will not become sour also. Just add the salt before serving
Any additional information:
Grated carrot or mango can be added to the rice.

Finely chopped cucumber can also be added to the rice.

Any curry dry or gravy goes along well or only pickle is fine.

Other recipes that go well with this one: coconut chutney for rice.

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