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Unique Sureshots
-- Manju Thangudu

Desi Train Chai (Manju's Version)

Number of servings: 3

If you have travelled by trains in India you have heard the 'Chai Chai' hawkers in the stations. They serve the tea with very little milk and all water. But somehow that tea was great. Here is my version of that tea.  

List of ingredients:
2 Cups water  
1 Cup milk  
2 Teaspoons tea powder / 4 packets of instant tea bags  
4 Teaspoons sugar  

Cooking procedure
a. Bring the water, milk and sugar to boil in a deep vessel.

b. Add the tea bags or the tealeaves. Bring to medium. Leave for no more than a minute.

c. Stir the tea.

d. Cover and leave aside for 10 minutes. (This brewing makes the tea but does not make it bitter).

e. Now seive and serve.

This tea is a sure shot for me.

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