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Unique Sureshots
-- Manju Thangudu

Raw Mango Sandwich

Number of servings: 4

I just do this from time to time and enjoy it.  

List of ingredients:
8 bread slices or (4 begals)  
2 teaspoons mayonnaise  
1 lettuce  
4 slices cheese (of your choice)  

Cooking procedure
1. Peal the mangoes. Slice them to thin large verticle slices. 2. Prepare the lettuce for sandwiches (ie leaves of the breadslice size). 3. Toast the slices or begals as you wish to med brown. (I like mine crunchy).

2. Apply mayonnaise to the 4 slices. ( I sometimes use any Indian chutney or pickle instead).

3. Lay the lettuce and mangoe slices on the slices with mayonnaise. Not top them with the other 3 slices.

4. Cut the sandwiches to halves or bite sizes.

Serve with chilled fruit/salad or soup.

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