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-- Manju Thangudu

Kheers/Payasams/Indian Puddings in Microwaves

Number of servings: 12

I am so tired of washing dishes after making any kind of payasams/kheers. Firstly because the milk sticks to the dish, secondly i get a lot of phone calls and get distracted and burn the kheers, thirdly the burnt kheer makes my husband make faces when he eats and I dont like that so folks I worked real hard to cook kheer in the microwave and have noted the time it takes so I never have to worry again. Hope it works for you all too!!!  

List of ingredients:
8 Cups milk  
1 Cup rice/ vermicilli/sago (sabudana)  
1 Cup sugar  
1 Teaspoon cardomom powder  
6 Teaspoons cashews - roasted and halved  

Cooking procedure
1. Boil the milk in a deep container (18 Minutes on High). The milk should only fill to half the microwave container. I use the Microwave Rice Cooker.

2. For Rice Kheer - Wash and drain the rice. For Vermicilli Kheer - Roast with a drop of Ghee. For Sago/Sabudana Kheer - Wash and drain.

3. Once the milk boils add the cardomom powder and the Rice/Vermicilli/Sabudana. Stir and boil on HIgh in microwave for 6 minutes. Then 6 minutes boil on Medium Low.

4. Add sugar. Once melted pour in a decorative dish. Garnish with roasted Nuts and serve.

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