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-- Happy Momma

Tips on Making Good Pooris

12 Jul 02

For pooris, unlike chapattis, you need to use fresh dough. You can’t use fermented dough. This will make the pooris drink too much oil and this is not just unhealthy, but it will limit the number of pooris you eat.

Anyway, you also have to keep in mind not to let the pooris sit after you roll them. Fry them right after you roll them. This way, the moisture in the pooris will make them puff up. If you first roll all the pooris and then fry them, they will dry, and won’t puff up.

Anyway, also make sure you don't have any holes in the poori. If you have long nails, be CAREFUL while rolling and transferring it.

And also don't roll them too thin. They have to be a little thicker than chapattis. Only then will they have a chance to puff up.

The oil also has to be very hot. This is also an important factor in making the poori puff up. If it's not hot, there is a chance of your poori drinking too much oil and not rising. And moreover, they might get hard too.

And lastly, first keep them on a paper napkin and then transfer it to your container. The excess oil will be soaked by towel.

This is how I make my pooris, and this is a foolproof way to ensure you get good pooris.

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