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Indian Kitchen By Veena
-- Veena Bhavanam

Various Ways To Remove Unwanted Hair

08 Mar 02

Hello Everybody,

Almost everybody have the problem of unwanted hairs on legs and arms. Here are some common methods used to remove those hairs along with their advantages and disadvantages.


Shaving is one of the common , easiest and fastest ways to remove unwanted hairs. There are lots and lots of people following this method because of their ease to use. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Shaving


  • Shaving can be done just minutes before you go out.

  • Shaving does not require any costly items, just a razor and shaving cream would work.


  • Shaving often makes your skin rough and since hair is just removed from top skin and not from the root hair grows back thicker and faster.

  • Since hair grows faster, you need to shave regularly.

  • Must be very careful while shaving otherwise chances are there that skin may get cut. Also it has to be shaved in only one direction to prevent in grown hairs, rashes and roughness of the skin.

Using Hair Remover Creams

Using hair remover creams to remove hair have become common in past couple of years due to its ease to use. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using hair remover creams.


  • You can remove hair even minutes before you go out using hair remover creams

  • You don’t cut your skin like in shaving.

  • Growth of in grown hairs are very less because cream is applied evenly on the skin .


  • Since it has different chemicals, it will not suit everybody and has to be tested before using it.

  • Like shaving, even cream removes hair only from top skin and not from the root. This makes hair growth faster.

  • Some people will experience rashes even after 24 hrs, So once its tested you have to wait for 24hrs to see the results.


Waxing is probably one of the oldest method used to remove hair. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of waxing


  • Wax is fully natural and can be done at home with common kitchen ingredients

  • Waxing removes hair from inside the roots and thus the hair will grow back very slowly and thinly and eventually it will stop growing

  • Since its removed from roots, you can be hair-free for at least 2 weeks with smooth skin.


  • You need to have ample of time and lot for cloth strips to do waxing. Also for first couple of times it will be messy.

  • When making wax at home, if the texture is not proper it will be tiresome and it will take lot of time to remove hair.

  • Waxing is painful for lot of people unless they are used to waxing.

I hope this has been useful to you all.


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