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Indian Kitchen By Veena
-- Veena Bhavanam

Tips For Making Soft &Puffy Chapatis

27 Feb 02

Hello Everybody,

Here are some handy tips to make your chapattis soft , puffy and tasty.

  • Add little warm water to make the dough. Also mix salt and pinch of sugar to atta before making the dough.

  • Once you mix water and make nice soft dough, add 1 teaspoon of gingelly oil and knead the dough properly. The more you knead the better chapattis you get. You can either knead on the counter top or on the chapatti board.

  • Then cover the dough and keep it for atleast 20 minutes. Make sure that the dough is not exposed to air.

  • When you are about to make chapatti, knead once again and divide the dough into small balls.

  • Roll the balls into small discs and apply little oil on one portion of the disc and fold the other half , to form arc shape, then again fold to form triangle shape.

  • Now roll the triangle shaped dough into either triangle shaped chapatti or into round shaped chapatti.

  • Always put chapatti on heated tawa, make sure that its not over heated. Also cook in medium flame pressing with a tissue paper or clean cloth on the sides of the chapatti.

  • Never turn the chapatti many times, this will make them hard. Also do not keep the flame very low, this will also make them hard.

  • Once you take out from tawa, keep it in hot box covered. You can put a tissue at the bottom and at the top so that the moisture will not make the chapattis soft.

  • Try not to expose the dough or the rolled chapatti to air for long time because the moisture in them will go and make the dough hard.

Following this way will make your chapattis soft, puffy and very tasty.


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